i wont give up

liam payne and rylee jones have been best friends since they were kids.
rylee moved to america when liam had tried out for the xfactor the first time.
they always had feelings for each other and kept it secret,after not seeing each other for 4 years they finally meet again.will they still love each other?will they date? you have to read to find out


2. reunited

liams POV,i was walking around london for no reason just being bored, "liam!!!"i heard someone shout,she sounded familiar, i turned around to see her running twords me "....rylee!!!!!??!"i shouted back running to her and gave her a big hug "i havnt seen you in so long"she said "four years"i replied "so what are you doing here in london?"i asked "well my mom got remarried so we moved back here"she replied . then her little sister ryder ran to us shes 8 years old "leeyum!"she shouted "hey ryder"i said "wheres louis i have to steal him from  eleanor and make him my husband"she said "hes at our house, and good luck stealing him from el"i replied and chuckled "wheres niall i bet ryleen's dying to talk to him cuz she loves niall"ryder said...my heart dropped "oh, nialls at the house to"i said with a fake smile plastered onto my face "ryder!!"rylee shouted."well,the boys and i are going out for pizza tonight if you wanna come.."i said "can i come to leeyum!?"ryder asked "sure ryder"i replied "k just make sure niall comes"rylee said "what you think hes gonna pass up a food oputunity?"i asked "of course not"she replied."well ryder go back to mom me and liam have some catching up to do"she said "are you guys gonna kiss?"ryder asked "eww!!!! no!!!"rylee replied "what my lips arnt good enough for ya?"i teased "ha.ha very funny".ryder ran back down the street "so still a virgin?"rylee asked "nope,you?"i replied "yep"she replied "i can change that"i teased "ew not in a million years"she replied "what you dont like me?"i asked "not in a sexual way"she replied "not even more than friends?"i asked "nope"she replied."well i should probaboly get back home so bye ry..."i said and walked home holding back the tears of noing she doesnt  love me but i love her.,

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