i wont give up

liam payne and rylee jones have been best friends since they were kids.
rylee moved to america when liam had tried out for the xfactor the first time.
they always had feelings for each other and kept it secret,after not seeing each other for 4 years they finally meet again.will they still love each other?will they date? you have to read to find out


3. pizza time

rylees POV,i went to the pizza place with ryder and met the boys at the table "so guys this is rylee and her little sister ryder"liam said "and you no who they are obviously..."liam said in a bit of a bad mood "someones cranky today arnt they" i said and kissed liam on the cheek...he fell out of the seat "omg liam!"i said "i think he liked the kiss"louis said "get up dumbass"i said,yeah i have bad language "im telling mom!"ryder said "tell her and ill kill you"i said .liam got off the floor and sat back up "your more violent than last time"liam said "can we just order now"niall asked "yeah"liam said.we ordered our food and ate "hey i have a extra ticket to a food sampleing tomorrow who wants to come"niall asked "ill come"i said "i was kind of hoping we could hang out tomorrow..you no just you and me"liam said sadly," "the day after tomorrow i promise li"i said "sis mom said i have to leave now"ryder whined "wait mom bought you  a iphone 5!"i said "yeah"she repleid "thats not fare!!"i shouted "well bye"ryder said walking out "shes walking home alone? shes only 8!"liam said "she has more freedom than me"i said "im  18 and i dont even have a license"i added "ill walk you home"liam said "i dont wanna go back to my house i cant fucking sleep cuz of my baby brother"i said "you can stay at our flat tonight"louis offered "thanks"i said, "wait we dont have a guest room"harry said "she can sleep in my room ill take the floor"liam said "i have a bunk bed in my room!"niall said "ill just stay with liam cuz we used to have sleep overs when we were kids soo its less awkward"i said "same bed?"louis asked "yep"i nodded"wow"harry said " nothing happened!"I said "nialls still eating "Harry said and his mouth dropped "I'm done"niall said "we'll I'm gonna go home wanna come Ry?"Liam asked "sure"I replied and got up...

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