The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


3. The start of something new


I couldn't belive this...I didn't know what to was to complicated..I just needed a moment

They all got out of the room...I was finally alone

I couldn't think straight, I looked around wondering myself..Why? Why do THIS had to happen to ME..

After a couple of minutes of thinking I fall sleep...and I had this weird dream

I was enjoying a dinner with lots of people I don't know..but there was the five guys and the woman, we were all goofing around and laughing...suddenly someone knocked the door, and I went to open was a man, he was telling me something..but then a backround noice appeared, and people calling my name


I finally woke up..there were doctors all around me, and the woman...I mean mom was their too, with my blondie brother...they were crying again...people were pulling them appart from me...

Just when my mom saw me waking up...she pull the guy that was pushing back,away and all the other doctors that got in her way,while she run near me...she grab my hand and she sweetly looked at me...that was the first time I actually felt she was mom, like I connected with her...but suddenly a doctor came near her and told her she had to go...that they were going  to check on me

After all the posible exams were done..they finally left me alone...well, not all of brother Niall was still there...he came close to me just like my mom did...and I asked the only question that camed to my mind

"Que me paso?..... esta vez  (What happened to me?.....this time)"

He smiled a little and then told me

" parecer, no hizo bien para ti saber tanta informacion en este momento, cuando estas asi...(Well, it seems that it wasn't good for you to tell you so many things in this moment...when you are like this)"


"No...nada de eso..tranquila, solo te preocupes...ademas, ya te sientes mejor no? (No...none of that..calm down, you just had a.....don't, you are feeling better right?)"

"Si, eso creo...pero porque siempre me cuentan las cosas a la mitad? me estan escondiendo algo? (Yeah....I guess...but why  do you always tell me the half of the things? are you hiding me something?)"

"Solo relajate, no puedes estresarte en este estado......galleta? (Just relax, you can't be estressed in this state.....cookie?)

He said taking out a bag of cookies

"No gracias...(No thanks)"

"Encerio? antes NUNCA te negabas una galleta....y menos de este sabor (Really? you never said no to a cookie...and less of this flavor)"

"Que? Era especial para mi? (What? It was special for me?)"

"Era tu favorito! (It was your favorite!)"

"Bueno...porque no? (Well, why not?)........Wow! Ya entiendo porque era mi delicioso! (Wow! Now I get why this was my's delicious!)"

"Y todo gracias a quien? (and all thanks to who?)"

"Yo! por tener tan buen gusto (Me! for having such a great taste)" 

"Hey! nunca te hubieras enterado si no fuera por mi (Hey! You wouldn't have a clue..if it wasn't for me)"

"Bueno....tienes razon...quizas te dare un poquito de credito (Well, you are right...maybe I should give you a little credit for it)"

"No te preocupes por eso...que porfin ver sonreir a mi hermanita me basta (Don't worry about that...that by finally seeing my little sister smile its enough for me)"

"Awww, con esas frases seguro eres el tipo que tiene a todas enamoradas (Awww, with those phrases I'm sure you are one of those guys that has all girls chancing him around)"

"Bueno...yo no diria eso.....okey si, antes estaba siendo modesto  (I wouldn't say that........well, yes, I was being modest)"

"Te sientes como una super estrella o algo? (Do you feel like  a popstar or something?)"

"Puede ser..(Kind of)"

After talking for hours...I realized something....I HAD THE BEST BROTHER was just awesome, and I was happy about it, but also sad for forgeting all those beautilf things we sure had been through before

"Mira...Se que te conosco por poco tiempo pero, estoy segura que eres el MEJOR hermano de todos (Look...I know I know you for just a little while but I'm sure you are the best brother ever)"

"Bueno...tu no decias eso mucho (Well, you didn't say that a lot)"

"Me asegurare de decirlo de ahora en adelante (Well, I'll make sure to say it from now on)" 

*Knoc Knoc*

" encantaria pero no puedo estar aqui por mas tiempo, porque hay alguien que de verdad necesita verte (Look...I'll love too but I can't stay here for much longer..because their is someone that really needs to talk to you)"

Suddenly, he entered to the boy friend...or that's what he used to be I think?....why couldn't I have a moment alone?...I just needed to think...and I can't with someone looking at me...specifically..this guy

"Ho-la? (Hello)"

Niall looked at him and then me...he smiled and said laughing a little

"Bueno...los dejare solos ahora (Well, I'll let you two alone now)"

As soon as he left I didn't know what to do, talk to him? ask him details of what happened that night or just fake sleep...At the end it was to late..he had all ready seen me awake..and I just wasn't going to sit there and have an other awkward silence wasn't I?

"Solo dime que quieres (Just tell me what you want)"

"So-lo querer saber como te senti-as (I just wanted to know how were you feeling)"

"Estoy bien...puedes irte ahora (I'm can go now)"

"Mira, no me po-der tratarme fue me culpa...solo queria que pasaras un buen cumpleaños..que siempre recordar..yo te iba a-.. ( can't treat me like this...It wasn't my fault..I just wanted to make that birthday the that you always remember..I was going to-)"

Suddenly, he stand up, he looked at me kind of dissapointed...he was trying to find a way to say me something...he just walked side to side of the room like a freak..he also tripped a couple of times..and kind of talked to himself about it...I found it quite funny and weird at the same time...but the good thing is I finally enjoyed a moment with him since I woke up for the first time in that hospital...and It made feel better..maybe this guy wasn't so bad..he was right, it wasn't his fault...maybe destiny had something prepared for me..who knows?..maybe this was just the begging of something..or begin something again? I'm not sure...but either way I had to enjoy it..

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