The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


5. Suprise Suprise


Finally, The woman had brought breakfast, I was starving!..I grab the remote control and turn on the T.V...I didn't really know what to watch...I didn't remember my favorite T.V shows...Suddenly someone entered screaming "Estas lista?! (Are you ready?!)" It was Niall..

"Me asustaste!..(You scared me!)"

"Perdona...esque estoy emocionado (Sorry...just that I'm excited)"

"Porque? A donde vamos? Tu sabes que no puedo salir (Why? Where are we going? You know I can't get out of here)"

"Bueno...ahora si puedes(Well know you can)" Someone said, while he entered to the room..It's was Liam..he seemed a little shy..

"Que? A que te refieres? (What? What do you mean?)" 

After that, someone entered, it was that woman...I still haven't got use to call her my mom..we haven't spend that much time together..

She entered smiling...She had sprinkles in her eyes...Niall and Liam turn around and look at her...she camed more close to me

"Bueno, hablamos con el doctor, y nos dijo que mientras sacaban los resultados de los examenes podias salir un rato (Well, we talk to the doctor and he told us while they get the results of your exams you could go out a while)"

"Es encerio? (Are you serious?)"

"Porque mentiria-mos? Yo s-olo te qui-ero ver fe-liz.... qu-ize decir,no-sotros (Why would we lie to you? I just want to see you happy....I mean, we)"

"Gracias Liam...bueno, a donde me llevan.....mama? (Thanks Liam....well, where are you taking me.... mom?)"

"Oh! yo no voy...mejor tu ve con tu hermano y Liam...Ellos te quidaran bien, eso es seguro-(Oh1 I'm not better go with just your brother and Liam, they will take good care of you, I'm sure of that-) She said looking at Liam..then she continued "..mejor yo me quedo arreglando algunas cosas (It's better for me to stay so I can fix some things)"

"Okey... vemos luego (All'll see you later)"

After so much time...I finally stood up of that bed 

" verdad vas a salir en la bata de hospital? (Danielle...are you really going out in a hospital rope?)"

"Verdad! Se me olvido....pero no tengo otra ropa (Right! I forgot.....wait, I don't have any other cloth)"

"No te preocupes...sabia que dirias eso...toma (Don't worry...I thought you will say"

"Gracias donde las sacaste? (Thanks Niall...where did you get it?)"

"Un lugar especial y unico llamado... el closet de Daniela (A very special, and unique place called...Danielle's closet)"

I smiled and went to the bathroom..I got changed and got out..I was happy, I was finally going out those four walls

"Lista (Ready)"

"Finalmente! (Finally!)"

"De que hablas...eso fue como dos minutos (What are you talking about..those were like two minutes)"

"Dos horas! (Two hours!)"

"Eres un exagerado (You are such an exaggerated)"

"Vamonos (Let's go)"

"Finalmente (Finally)" I said making fun of him...he just smiled and walk away..I followed him, next to me was Liam..I still didn't know where were we going so I ask him

"Psss...Tu sabes a donde vamos? (Psss...Do you know where are we going?)

"Ni u-na pi-st-a (Not a clue)"

"Crees que este planeando algo? (Do you think he is planning something?)"

"Es Niall...por supuesto que trama algo (He's Niall...Of course he is planning something)"

We finally got out of the hospital and got into a strange car...Liam opened me the door to seat in the front and he sat in the back...Niall got the flywheel

" podrias decir a donde vamos? (Niall...could you please tell me where are we going?)"

"Es una sorpresa (Its a surprise!)"

"Y que pasa si mi cabeza me duele de nuevo? (Guys, what if my head hurts again?)"

"No te lo hara, eso solo pasa cuando ves cosas que viste antes del accidente (Don't worry...It won't, that only happens when you see something you have seen before the accident)"


After like 20 minutes of driving he finally stopped the car...and got out...he went to my side and opened the door before Liam could, then he took out a scarf and put it so I could see anything

"Niall...que estas haciendo? (Niall...what are you doing?)"

"Te dije que era una sorpresa..y si vamos a hacer esto, tenemos que hacerlo bien..como en las peliculas (I told you it was a surprise...and if we are going to do this we are going to do it movies)"

Suddenly I heard other voice complaning about Niall putting him a scarf too...I reconize the voice at the moment..It was Liam..he was talking in English but I understood it perfectly

"Niall...what are you doing? The surprise is for Danielle (Niall...que haces, la sorpresa es para Daniela)"

"Liam...I kind of lie to you...the surprise is for follow my voice(Liam...te sorpresa es para los dos....ahora..sigan mi voz)"

After walking and walking following Niall's voice he said

"Puedes sentarte aqui, Daniela..(You can seat here, Danielle)"

He continued giving Liam intructions until he told him to seat down..then he finally said the words I had been waiting for

"Pueden quitarse la bufanda ahora....diviertanse (You can take out the scarf now...have fun)"

I finally took it was a room  with the walls made of glass..where you could see the entire was beautiful...I was infront of a table, tthat had two plates, some  not turn on candles and two glasses of was simple but really elegant..I looked around again to see if I could find more surprises..until i found Liam...he was in the other side of the table..also seeing the room...

"Puedes creerlo? (Can you belive this?)" I asked, trying to make up a conversation

"La unica cosa que no creo esque Niall lo organizo, yo pensaba que nos iba a llevar a Nando's (The only thing I can't belive is that Niall did it...I thought he was taking us to Nando's)"

"Que es Nando's? (What's Nando's)" I said a little embarrased

"Un es importante (Just a restaurant...not a big deal..)"


"La comida se ve deliciosa....tienes hambre? (The food seems delicious...Are you hungry?)"

"Poco (Little)"

"Entonces. me darias el honor de comer el almuerzo conmigo? (Very well then, would you make me the honor to have lunch with me?)"

"Por...supuesto (Of..course)"

We talked for hours..He would tell me the craziest story's ever! and Niall's antics...and how my life was..and so many things that made that moment..the first one I felt something for him..and it was magical

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