The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


8. Remembering things


It was almost 1:00 AM..almost everybody had left, everybody was cleaning..except me..I was sitting on the couch..thinking..why was Niall so upset of that guy?..what was the statue thing all about?

"Well Danielle...I think is time to go to bed" someone said while she got closer to me...It was mom

"C'mon...I'll show you your room" she continued

I smiled and follow her..we went upstairs and went to the end of the hall..then she opened the door and let me in

"Welcome back to your room" she said

The room was big..the walls were painted in blue..I had and desk full of pages with a chair with wheels and a king bed..that on the top had my name

Suddenly Niall join us 

"Do you remember something?" he asked

"that book!"

"You were reading it the day happen" she said

"What about this music box?" Niall asked

I run foward him and open it

"Yes...I remember this..I used to put the most important things for me in here"

"I know...I gave that to you on your birthday" Niall said

"We both did" my mom added

"Yeah sure" Niall said sarcastically...then they both smiled

"Well...your closet is over here....if you need something call us okay?" My mom said while she leave the room

"Okay....thank you"

"for what?" Niall asked

"For everthing"

They smiled and left...while I keep looking at the room





Suddenly Niall entered running to the room "Are you okay?!" he asked

"Yeah..just that I keep having this weird dreams"

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked a little worried while he grab a chair and put it infront of my bed

"'s not really clear what it means or what happens...its like different images everytime"

Niall didn't answer, he stayed there looking at me, confused..soo I continued

"First...I was in this house..having a party but everything turned the power was gone and then someone grab me and took me out of there"

Niall seemed impressed "Wao" he said softly

"This one I have seen it before...I was in a port and then a boy gives me a neckless"

"Really? When?" He asked suprised

 "Well...when I was meeting you..and Liam got in, my head started to hurt and this image came to my head"

"Have you dream anything else?" Niall asked

"Yes... but I can't really  remember  them...I just forgot" 

"It happens...well, don't just a dream..everything is going to be fine" He said trying to avoid his fear

Niall quickly walked to the door


"Yeah?" he responded

"There is something else...I just don't get it, and I think you could know something"

Niall entered and seat in the chair again..he looked at me very suspicious


"Well...when I got the first know the statue right?"

"What statue?" He asked confused

"The one in the frst house...that is a little boy?" 

"Oh that!"

"Yes...when I saw it...this image came to my head....I was running with someone and we stopped there"

"Oh...well, we liked to play over there when we where little..we went there a lot of times" He said smiling

"My mom said the same thing"

"'s true...well I have to got to sleep it's 2:00 AM...and I need to get up really early tomorrow" Niall said while he leave

"Well...sleep well"

"You too" he said while he closed the door

I closed my eyes but I still couldn't sleep, I got up of the bed and went to the door...there I saw Niall..he was entering to mom's room..then I heard him say excited

"Mom! Danielle is remebering things!" 

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