The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


12. Questions


"Sooo, you saw her going up the stairs?" Perrie asked 

"Noo, I told you,  when we got here, I wanted to talk to her and her mom told me she was upstairs" Liam answered.. He was really worried, he kept walking side to side of the room trying to think why Danielle would leave..

Perrie went upstairs to check the room again while the boys check out the kitchen..

"Did you find something?" asked Niall

"Noo...just a REALLY MESSY ROOM!" Perrie answered

"Shhhhhhh! My mom is sleeping!" Niall said

"Wait....did you said messy?..Danielle is not like that...she will never had a messy room..shes kind of a clean freak" Liam said

"But why would it be soo messy then?" Perrie asked

"Maybe she forgot she used to be clean" Niall said

"No!..I know!...matbe she was looking for something...something important" Liam said "But what would it be? what was soo important to mess up all the room?" Liam continued

"We have to keep lookin-" Perrie was interrupt by the door bell

Liam and Niall exchanged looks..."who would come here at this our of the night?" Niall asked

"I don't know...but we have to find out" Perrie said ....the door bell sound again..and again...each time was the person was desperate

Perrie got closer to the door..but the guys stopped her

"What?!" She said

"You can't open the door to a person when its 4 am!" Niall said

" could be a killer or something...haven't you seen scary movies?" Liam exclamated

"Don't be silly...and get off me" She push them off and opened the door...the tree were equally suprised by the visit...

"James?...what are you doing here?" Perrie asked 

"Yeah wha-" Niall realized who james had in his arms..."Is that?...what did you do to her?!"

Suddenly, the light upstairs was on...and they hear footsteps

"Niall? Is that you?" It was Niall's mom

Niall took a deep breath to contain his anger..and took James inside..he indicate everybody to hide in the closet next to him..and he run to the couch and turn up the TV

"Yes mom is me!" Niall shouted...his mom got near him and sweetly ask him "What are you doing up at this time of the night?"

"Well...I can't sleep"

"Aww...did you saw that scary movie with Harry again...I told you it would give you you want me to prepare you something?"

"No thanks mom...don't worry about me...I'll finish this comedy movie and i'll go to sleep k?"

"Sure darling...sweet dreams" she said while she started to get up the stairs

"you too mom" Niall said...when he hear the door closing he inmidiatly got up and opened the closet..He was soo mad...he turn red...but then he saw Danielle...she was waking up

*cough* "what happened?" Danielle asked

"James...Jame happened" Niall said angrily

Perrie got up and took Niall away..."Niall, calm down, Danielle it's okay and that's what matters"

Niall turned around and saw Liam comforting Danielle..and James stroking her hair...Liam got mad and hit James in the hand soo he would touch was kind of nice and relieving that Danielle was okay,,,but what was she doing with James? did he got her?..Did Danielle went to see him?..or she found him on the way?..did James hurt her?  or rescue her?

So many questions invaded Niall's head..and he needed to find out...maybe not now...they all needed to sleep..but tomorrow it was going to be an interesting day


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