The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


14. Mysteries and Discoveries




"Danielle, calm was just a nightmare" Liam repeated while he gave her a glass of water, but apparently nothing that he would say or do will calm her down

"Vamos..ya paso..calmate..a ver quizas te sentiras mejor si vamos a comer algo no crees? (c'mon..its over..calm down..Do you wnat to get something to eat? maybe that will make you feel better)" Liam continued

"No..gracias..estoy bien..solo que senti que fue tan real (No..I'm fine thanks..its just that it felt so real)" Danielle said 

Liam kept wondering, what would she had dreamed..or should he say what had she remembered?

*Niall and Zayn*

"I'm tired!" Zayn exclamated

"C'mon just for 5 more minutes" Niall said while he checked for the 20th time the door with his binoculars

"You said that 20 minutes ago" Zayn shouted

"Shhhh!...Look! there he is!" Niall said

"Finally!" Zayn whispered

James seemed mad, and he didn't have his uniform anymore. The girl they had seen before was shouting at him from the window and he seemed to be ignoring her

"Maybe they just broke up" Zayn said

"Noo!...He just got fired..It's obvious" Niall said

"Well sorry mister right" Zayn exclamated

"Shhh here he comes" Niall whispered

"I can't belive this....first that stupid latin girl  and now this?!" James shouted

Niall and Zayn exchanged looks...

James got into his car and left

"Almost 3 hours for this?!" Zayn shouted

"Did you heard that?...HE CALLED MY SISTER STUPID!" Niall shouted angrily

"Calm down dude...maybe it was another girl" Zayn said trying to calm him down

"It's obvious its Danielle! IT ALL CONNECTS NOW! OH WHEN I GET HIM!"

"NIALL!" Zayn shouted

"WHAT?!" Niall replied

"The girl that was screaming is latina!" Zayn said

"What?! what are you talking about?" Niall asked

"The girl....the girl that was talking to him in the morning...the girl that was screaming at him right now...its also latin" Zayn said

"ohhhh really? and how do you know that?" Niall asked

"Weeeell.....let's say the other day I came here...and maybe I kind of flirt with her..maybe" Zayn said

"You? You came here? To Mc Donalds?" Niall said sarcastically

"Yes....I had a meeting with someone" Zayn whispered

"What?" Niall asked

"Nothing...just let's get out of here...I'm hungry" Zayn said

"Yeah let's go"

*Liam and Danielle*

 "Te sientes mejor? (Do you feel better?)" Liam asked

"Si gracias Liam...sabes que me puedes hablar en ingles verdad? (Yes thanks know you can perfectly talk to me in english right?" Danielle said

"Si claro...el otro dia pensabas que "computer" era zanahoria (Yeah sure...the other day you thought that computer was carrot)"Liam said while he laughed

"Bueno...era...era una (' was..)

"No te preocupes...esta bien...solo fue un poquitico grasioso..solo olvidalo (Don't's was just a little bit funny...just forget about it)" Liam said

"Hey...crees que puedas contarme un poco de que habias soñado que te asusto tanto? ( you think that you can tell me just a little bit about that dream you had that freaked you out so much?)" Liam asked

"Fue horrible..(it was just horrible)"

Everytime Liam heard he will get more worried...he knew that what she dreamed happened in real life...what could she had dreamed?


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