The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


9. Mistery


"Knoc Knoc" I hear someone  say while he  opens the door

"Hola Dani! Como pasaste la noche? (Hey Dan! How was your night?)"

"Bien...y ustedes? (Good and you?)"

"Estuvo bien...lista para el desayuno? (It was fine..ready for breakfast?)"

I didn't answer, I just looked at the clock...IT WAS 8 AM!..I grab the clock show it to him and turned around and close my eyes again, but then I heard Niall runing foward to my bed and jumping over me

"Auch!" i said while I put my pillow over my head

"De un modo o otro te voy a despertar haha ( I'm going to awake you in one way or another haha)"

"Pero esta cama es muy comoda! no me quiero salir! (But this bed its too great! I don't want to get up!)"

"Okay perezosa! tu lo decidiste(Okay lazy girl! you asked for it!)"

I felt Niall get up of my bed..and I heard him taking some steps  back...

I got my pillow off my head to watch

"Que vas a hacer? (What are you going to do?)"

He started running but suddenly my mom shouts

"Niall! No molestes a tu hermana (Niall! Don't bother your sister)"

Then she walked into the room

"Te traje el desayuno a la cama (I brought you breakfast to bed)"

" Wow! Gracias! (Wow! Thanks!)"

Mama! ese es mi pan dulce favorito!( Mom! that''s my panettone!)

It was really great for two reasons: I didn't have to get up of my bed and Niall was kind of was kind of a karma

Mom left after a few minutes of talking to work..and Niall got closer and sat on the corner of the bed

"Hermanita! hermanita querida! me darias...por favor... a penas un poco de ese pansito?(Little sister! my dear loved little sister...would you..please!..give me just a little bit of that bread?)"

I looked at him for a moment..I was really enjoying this..I grab the bread and took the tiniest crumb of it and gave it to him

"Vamos! Tienes que aprender a compartir tu comida (C'mon! You need to learn to share food)"

"Lo dice el niño que si alguien le toca la comida la persona pierde la mano (Says it the guy that if someone touches his food the person looses a hand)"

"No le corto la mano!....le pego...pero suavesito( I don't cut it!....I hit it...very softly)"

"Aja...claro (Yeah...of course)"

" Vamos...porfiiis (C'mon please!)"


I saw him...and I couldn't say no to him...he was doing his doggie face!...So a grab a bigger piece and gave it to him

"SI! y el hombre gana! (YES! and the man wins at last!)" He said while he got up


"Oh perdon..Gracias hermanita! (Oh sorry..Thank you little sister)"

He can be really annoying, and lots of things but he is my brother and I love him the way he is...because in the end he always makes me happy and that's what the family is for


After finishing breakfast...I got ready and went down stairs..It was quite a suprise because everybody was there

"FINALLY!" I hear Louis say in english

"Perdon? (Sorry?)"

"No no te preocupes..solo estaba bromeando (Don't worry about it...he was just trying to be funny)" I heard someone saying while she got up of the couch...It was Eleanor

"Bueno esto es una sorpresa...que hacen todos aca? (Well, this is a surprise what are you all doing here?)"

"Vinimos a visitarte...a ver como seguias (We came to visit see how you were)" Zayn said while he walk out of the kitchen

"Aja...ningun problema? te ha dolido la cabeza o algo? (Yeah...any problem?..headache? or something)"

"No...Estoy bien, ayer solo me vinieron unos flashbacks que no entendia pero Niall me lo aclaro (No...I'm fine, well, yesterday i had some flash backs that I didn't get..but Niall helped me with that)"

"Niall? Encerio? (Niall? Really?)" Perrie said

"Si...hay algo malo en eso? ( there something wrong with that?)" I said confused

"No no...nothing...Zayn,Niall,El..can you join me to the kitchen for a moment" I heard Perrie say in was liike she didn't want me to understand..inmidiatly I heard  Zayn,Niall and Eleanor get up and follow her...what was going on?

"Que fue eso? (What was that about?)"

"Nada ...tonterias(Nothing..silly things)" Louis said

"Hablemos de ti (Yeah...let's talk about you)" Liam said while he sat in the couch looking at me and place his head in the egde of it....Louis and Harry did the same thing

"La verdad no hay nada de mi para hablar (Well...there is nothing of me to talk about)"

Suddenly I heard Perrie shout "BUT WHAT IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN?!" and then some whispers in the back round...inmidiatly they got out of the kitchen  with  fake smiles and sat down

"what happened in there?" Louis asked

They continued talking, I didn't understand much but I think Perrie got stressed and shout something and Louis is asking what

 "Pss...Liam" I whispered

"Que' (What?)" he whispered back

"Que paso?(What' happened?)"

" entiendo mucho pero Perrie dijo que tiro algo y lo rompio (Nothing...i don't get much but Perrie just said it was soomething she dropped something and broke it)"

"Oh...pero no importa (Oh...but that's okay)"

Suddenly we realized that everybody was in silence and looking at us whispering

But Niall broke the awkward silence by offering some cookies

Everybody got some..but I didn't I couldn't stop thinking about what happened...I didn't heard something fall down or broking...and I don't think she said anything that was related to that...they were hidding me something..

"Hey! ..ppss...niña!...quieres? (Hey...pss...thinking girl!...want some?)" Liam offered me some cookies

"Sure" I said

The guys stayeed there all afternoon...we had a great time..but I never forgot what happened..but I was starting to think that its was silly thinking about it and it was nothing...but then and idea came to my mind

**Niall P.O.V**

It was all ready late and all the guys had gone..except Liam he decided to stay longer...he said he needed to talk to Danielle...

"Maaaa! Mamaaaaa! (Mom! MOOOM!)"

"Si Niall? Oh! hola Liam pense que todos se habian ido (Yes Niall'?...Oh! Hey Liam I thought everybody had left)"

"No que quiero hablar con Danielle (No I just wanted to taalk to Danielle)"

"Pues ellla me dijo que se habia ido a su cuarto...quizas este dormida (Well...she told me she was going to her room..maybe she is asleep)"

" No lo creo...yo la conozco..seguro esta con el telefono (I don't think so...I know her...she is with her phone)" I said

Liam and me went up stairs to her room...she was in her bed..Liam went closer and sat in the corner....

"Danielle estas despierta? (Danielle...are you awake?)" He said while he took the blanket off


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