The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


10. Missing


"What? Are you serious??!!" I shouted while I run foward the bed

"Why in the world would I joke with something like that?!" Liam shouted back

"Guys! What is going on up there?" Mom asked

"Should we tell her?" Liam asked me

"She is going to find out anyway" I said

"Guys! What is all that noise?" she asked 

I could hear her coming up stairs..Suddenly Liam started fixing up the bed..I had no clue why

"Guys?" she said while she opened the door of the room "If everything okay?"

Liam finished the bed just in time and sat on it, fake smiling...I had no clue what was going on in his head but I just followed his lead

"Of course everything is okay..why wouldn't it be?" Liam said while he got up and try pulling my mom outside the room "Danielle is okay...she is not like she run away...nop...she is her bed...and we need to talk to her...okay?...bye" He did the last push and closed the door

"What the hell was that?" I whispered

"Niall I'm sorry but I can't let your mom know...she under a lot of presure" he whispered back

"What presure?! Are you nuts!? We can't lie to her!...since when do you  even lie?!" I was desperate and confused...Why would she go?..When did Liam became the bad boy?!

"Look...just calm down...we will find her..I'm sure she just went for a walk or something" Liam said

"How! We don't have any hints or clues or anything!" I said

"Well, did she acted weird or something any of these days?" Liam asked

"You should are the one that is stalking her all the time" I said

"C'mon dude...seriously!" Liam shouted

"no...she wasn't acting weird or something" I said with a silly voice

"Well...she was kind of suspicious about the thing that happened" Liam said while he sat on the bed

"What thing?"

"The Perrie thing...when the guys went to the kitchen and Perrie shouted something...what was that all about?"

"Oh...well...the thing is i can't tell you" I said while I got up of the bed and went to the window

"What?" he said getting up too

I turned around 

"It's kind of a secret between us"

"Everybody except me?"

"No...You,Harry AND Louis...three people"

"Why can't I know?"

"Because...because" I turned around again looking to the window

"C'mon! tell me!"

"YOU WEREN'T THERE!" I shouted


"You weren't there that day" I said turning around and getting out of the room

Liam followed me down stairs to the kitchen

"What day?"

"It's A SECRET! what part of secret you don't get?" I said while I got out the milk of the fridge

"Can't you at least give me a hint?"

"NO!" I said while I got the cereal

"Is everything all right?" My mom asked

"Yes thank you" we both said

"Well...Niall I'll go to bed...don't go to sleep very late"

"okay mom"

"Pleeeeaaasseeee?" Liam said doing his puppy face

"you are not going to convince me with that"

Liam didn't care he continued doing it...I couldn't take...but I couldn't take the risk of telling him the big secret, so I got up, grab my jacket and opened the door

"Where are you going?" Liam asked

"For a walk" I said while I closed the door...Of course...Liam grab his jacket too and ran closer to me

"I'm not telling you"

"Okay...Okay...i get's a big secret"

" were we doing out here?" 

"you said you will take a walk"

" avoid telling you...but now that I'm secure-"

"'re sister"

"RIGHT!..Let's go"

"Exactly where?"

"to interrogate the last people that talk to her" I said while I gave Liam a pair of sunglasses"

"But it's night"

"do you want to act cool or not?!" I said while I put mine on.."Maybe you are right...maybe we should put them on only when we are in the house of the suspects"

"Stop with that....they ae not suspects" Liam said...."Can I be the bad cop?" He continued

"Noo!....we are playing Sherlock and Watson!" 


"All right....I'll be Sherlock and you be whatever you want"



"Let's go to the first suspect house!" I said while I put the glasses on


"Danm! I always forgot"

"You did the same thing five minutes ago"

"Is a tic!"


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