The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


13. It it real or just a dream?



Niall opened his eyes and looked around, it was all a mess..he cleaned some popcorn from his shirt and got up the couch, "What happened here?" he wondered

"FINALLY YOU ARE UP!" Liam shouted...Niall jumped

"Liam! you almost scared me to death" Niall said

Liam seemed really happy...he keeped looking at Niall with a smile at his face, that at first it seemed nice, but then it turned out to be creepy

"....Liam,stop loooking at me like that me like that! you´re freaking me out!"

"Really? Sorry....I'm just happy" he said while he giggled

"Whaaat happeneeeed last night?" Niall asked worried

"Nothing important..." he said while he smiled again

"Liam tell me" Niall replied

"Fine...After you fell sleep, James left and Danielle went upstairs  and-" 

"Danielle!" Niall said..while he run up the stairs

"Oh okay...leave me here...alone....again" Liam said

Niall ran to Danielle's room as fast as he could, he opened the door and saw  her sleeping, he walked near the bed and sat beside her

Then Danielle woke up

"Holaa" (Heyyy) Niall said "Como te sientes?" (How are you feeling?)

"Mejor...pero casi no recuerdo nada, que paso anoche?" (Better...but I can't really remember anything, what happened last night?)

"No te preocupes por eso, yo lo averiguare, tu solo descansa y luego hablamos ok?" (Don't you worry, I'll figure that out soon, you just rest and we'll talk later ok?)

"Dale" (ok)

Niall got up, and exited the room, then run downstairs

"Liam, I got a mision for you" Niall said

"So now you need me" Liam answered

"What?...oh!...c'mon Liam are you really mad for leaving you, I just went to see how was she, she's my sister, and I bet you will have done the same thing if you were me"

"You are right....what's the mision, Sherlock?"

"We have to follow every James step to see what he does, eats, plays, who he hangs with-"

"You sound like a girl with a crush" Liam said laughing

"Are you doing this with me or not?......Watson?"

"I'm not in a moood to see that guy again, I bet I'll ruin the mision, and I feel better staying here making sure she is okay, maybe  the guys will agree"

" stay here, I'll call Zayn"


*Jame's house frontjard*

"So why are we hideing in James bushes again?" Zayn asked

"I need to know what he did to Danielle...I bet he tricked her to get out of the house, and then faked all that I found her in the bridge and blah blah blah"

"Don't you think you are exaggerating?....just a little bit?" Harry said

"No! Remember what he did to Danielle the first time?...I don't want her to go through that again!...I need to protect her, and I know he has a plan to hurt her"

"Niall is right...that James was really a jerk...we have to find out what he is planning...or at least what he did to her last night" Louis said

"Look! He's out" Harry said

James at the port of his house saying goodbye to her mom..then he walked away

"C'mon guys...let's follow him, but don't make any noises" Niall said

"We won't....we are ninjas!" Louis said

Suddenly Louis's phone rang

"Louis...turn it off!!" Zayn whispered

" my mom!" 

*Mommie...I'm kind of on a mision right now soo...yeah yeah I broght it....sure, let me asked them.....* "Hey guys do you wanna hang out by my house later my mom is making-..." 

The guys were all looking at him, you could tell that they were mad

"I think that's a no...*Sorry mom, we won't...yes mom....I love you too..bye* Louis then looked at them and laughed nervously

"Hey guys....were did he go?" Harry asked

"There he is!...c'mon guys follow me" Niall said



"Wait....James is going to Mc 9am? the port?" Niall asked

"Maybe he wants to have breakfast" Harry said

"Or maybeeee-..." Zayn said

"Look! he is with a girl!" Louis said

"He has a girlfriend?" Harry said...."Noooooo, that's not fair! I want one!"

"No I don't think they are together, they didn't hold hands or kissed" Niall said

"GUYS!...look...he has a big bag...and that girl has Mc Donals uniform....maybeee hee" Zayn said

"Maybe he what?" All guys said

"He works there! Don't you see?"

"Ohhh yeah...maybe, that will explain he being around the port at 4am...The Mc Donalds is 24 hours" Louis said

"But...he can't work here 24 hours a day" Niall added

"Yeahh...its inlogical" Harry said

"What is we go back to the teory that he knew that Danielle will be there?" Zayn asked

"That dosen't make sense would he know?" Harry asked

"Maybe he texted her? what do you think Niall?" Louis said

"I don't know....I dont know.....Maybe we should wait and see until what hour he stays to work here"

" mommie its waiting for meee!" Louis said

"Yeah...and I got a date....and now that I saw James with his girlfriend, I want one" Harry said

"She is not his girlfriend" Zayn said

"I dont care" Harry said

"But guys..." Niall said

"Don't worry...I'll stay and help you out....but 11pm..I'll get sleepy"

"Its fine"



*Danielle's House*

*Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flick your hair makes me overwhelmed*


Liam got up and ran as fast as he could to Danielle's room


He finally got to the room..and saw her crying in her bed

"Danielle what happened?"

"A nightmare...a horrible horrible nightmare"

"Don't worry...I'm here for you...It was just a dream" He said while hug her

Liam was worried, he knew that for people that lost their memories dreams are not only dreams, but things that really happened to them in the past...what could had she dreamed?




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