The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


4. Good Night


I was just watching him, smiling, hoping he would figure out I wasn't mad anymore...

He sat down, and ran his hands over his face then he crossed his arms and moved to the left side...the to the right side...I supposed he was uncomfortable...He stand up again and started to walk side to side of the room again..then I couldn't take it anymore

"Liam? Liam! Calmate (Liam? Liam! Calm down)"

"Que? (What?)"

"Calmate (Calm down)......Mira, perdoname por tratarte asi, estaba un poco molesta, pero era ilogico, por que no es tu culpa, eso lo se ahora, tu mas que nadie me deberias entender no? (Look, I'm sorry for treating you like that, I was a little mad, but it was illogical, because it wasn't your fault, I know that now, you more than anyone should understand me right?)"

"Es encerio? (Are you serious?)"

"Que? Estas bravo? (What? Are you mad?)"

"No! por supuesto que no! pense que nunca me perdonarias!...bueno, aunque no fue mi culpa...a lo que me refiero es que pense que nunca te volveria hacer sonreir gracias a podria estar mas feliz (No! Of course not! I thought you will never forgive me!...well, It wasn't my fault..but what I'm saying is that I thought I will never make you smile again, I couldn't be happier!)

I smiled, I couldn't be happier too, for a strange reason I loved seeing him happy..then I realized something

"Liam...perdon por decepcionarte pero, tu sabes que todavia no estamos juntos verdad? (Liam...I'm sorry for dissapointing you but...have you realized we are still not together right?)"

"Porque? yo crei ....claro..que..que sabia eso...duh!..tontin (Why? I thought-...of..of course..I re..alized that..duh! silly)"

I smiled trying to contain the laughter inside..I just thought it was a little inappropiate..but that last "duh" was hilarious

"Genial (Great)"

"Bueno...quizas me deberia estar llendo...necesitas descansar (Well, I should be going need to rest)"

He got up and started to walk backwards while he waved...he pick up his chaquet..he walk to the door but when he was about to open it..he steped back and inclined his head to one side

 "Que pasa? (What's wrong?)"

He turn around and looked at me, he smiled and pointed to the door...I still didn't get it... he realized that  started to do signals..

"Un mono escalando? DONG KING KONG! (A monkey climbing? DONG KING KONG!)"

He whispered "no" then started pointing at the door again..and then I got it...the guys were spying on us..I smiled and he smiled back then he quickly opened the door and exactly as we thought the four guys fall one above the other

"Hooolaaaa (Heeeey)"

"Hola Louis...acaso no ibas a dormir? (Hey Louis...shouldn't you be sleeping?)"

"Eso iba a hacer pero.....Harry me llamo! (Well, I was going to but.....Harry called me!)"

"Que? pero yo lo llame porque Zayn me mando (What? called him because Zayn told me too)"

"Es culpa de Niall!...nos dijo que ustedes habian vuelto (It was Niall fault! He told us you were back together)"

"Gracias Zayn! (Thanks Zayn!)"

"Deee nadaa (Youuuu welcomee)"

"Asi verdad? (So... it is true?)"

"Que Harry? (What Harry?)"

"Que ustedes...estan, tu sabes...juntos? (That you..are you know...back?)"


I said...then Liam look at me, he was trying to avoid it but he looked sad...I knew I had hurt him by saying him we weren't together...I knew him..I was sure he was a great guy but I just had meet something had to happen it will happen later

" lo estamos ( are not)"

After hearing those words I felt bad for him..and for was like we were ment to be but I still didn't knew him..I couldn't finish thinking because immidiatly all the boys shouted


"Que? pense que si okey? (What? I thought they were going)"

Niall looked at me, he seemed dissapointed...I didn't know what to do..It wasn't my fault I didn't knew him..the only things I knew about him, is his name and that used to be MY boyfriend!..Kind of wierd right?

"Bueno chicos, hora de irnos (Well guys..time to go)"

"Pero Liam! (But Liam!)"

"Nada de excusas! es tarde (No excuses! Its late)"

Now I knew three things about him..his name, that he used to be my boyfriend and that he will be a great father..He turned around while he closed the door and looked at me

"Que duermas bien (Sleep well)"

"Tu tambien (You too)"

I heard the door closing...then a couple of kids complaning about leaving...I supposed that was the guys again..I smiled, and closed my eyes..Tomorrow was going to be a good day

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