The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


7. First Look Into The Past


I opened my eyes..the sun iluminated all the room...I raised myself and sighed..Immidiatly someone got into the room..well, actually it was a group of people..they were the people I had met a few days ago...they seemed of the boys got closer to me while he pull his girlfriend with him..I think it was Louis and Eleanor..the were excited about something..then he said the words I had been waiting for for a while

"Puedes volver a casa!...Ls doctores dijeron que estabas bien (You can go home...the doctors say you are fine)"

I was shocked, happy, excited..I just couldn't belive it..I was finally going to see how my life was back house, my room, maybe my school...everything!..

Suddenly another boy came closer..that was Zayn..but he had a girl beside him..she had purple hair..something I had never seen before..well, at least since the last few days that I remember...but I kind of like it..after Zayn said "Hi" she immidiatly introduce herself

"Hola Perrie (Hey Danielle...I'm  Perrie)"

" agre yoiu? (Hola...como estas?)" I tried to say in english to not presure her to speak in Spanish all the time

Suddenly Harry stood up, got closer to the bed and said smiling " te preocupes..tu nos enseñaste a hablar muy bien español (Dan..don't teach us how to speak spanish)" 

"Oh...okey..solo queria recuerdo mucho (Oh...okay..I just wanted to try...I don't remember a lot)"

Louis and Eleanor exchanged looks..then they looked at me..Eleanor whipered something in Louis ear...and then he said

"Bueno...nos tomo un largo tiempo aprender ingles..pero terminamos hablandolo muy quieres nosotros te podemos enseñar ingles ( took us a long time to learn Spanish..but we ended speaking it quite well...if you want we could teach you english)"

Suddenly Niall got closer to Louis, smiling he said in english

"C'mon guys...don't exagerrate, everbody knows i'm the best one talking Spanish in here" then he laughed...everybody join him..then they started to mess up his hair..and tickling him..while I think they were making fun of was nice to see it, because you could see they were friends for life..but of course I hadn't understood why they were doing it in the first place.. I just stayed there smiling

After a while..Eleanor and Perrie reminded them something..and made them all stop..they all stood next to each other..acting like they were in the army..their hairs were messy and they were holding  they laughs..Suddenly, my mom got in..she passed the group and sat in the bed

"Holaa...como te sientes? ( are you feeling?)"

"Genial (Great)"

She got up and looked at the guys, with a pretty serious face..then Louis couldn't hold the laugh anymore and exploded of mom bow her head to one side and then started to speak in english with them

"Okay...okay, people, to much time in here...let the girl get dressed, and she will find you later"

She was kind of pushing them outside, the girls stayed...but after a few seconds we started hearing a bunch of little kids laughing and running..then my mom said something to the girls

"Girls...please...can you watch out those guys...they are 19 and 20 but inside they are less than could you watch them?" 

"Of course" They both answered smiling

After they mom looked at me..she was going to say something but I interrupt her

"Que paso? porque los sacaste? que fue todo eso de las risas? (What happened' why did you got them out? what was that laughter all about?)"

"No te preocupes...vamos..tienes que arreglarte..hoy va a ser un buen dia (Don't worry...c' have to get is going to be a great day)"

After I was ready, my mom took me to the parking lot..and we got in a car..

When we got out of the hospital..I tried to see everything that was around us to try to remember anything..but nothing came up..until we got into our neighborhood..just when we passed the security I saw a had a little statue of a boy watering the was quite ugly.. but as soon as I saw it my head started to hurt and I saw the flash back

Everything was in slow motion.. I was running in that street with a guy...we were seemed like we were competing..and we stopped in that house..then the guy like started to imitate the statue, like making fun of it..and I was laughing and took some pictures..

Everything turn into black while I heard the words "Estas bien? Daniela? Daniela! (Are you okay? Danielle? Danielle!)"

Suddenly I opened my eyes...we were still in the car..I turned around and looked at her

"Daniela..que paso? porque no me respondias?..estabas dormida? (Danielle...What happened? why weren't you answering me? were you sleeping?)"

" un dolor de cabeza (mm..just..just a headache)"

"Estas segura? (Are you sure?)"

"Si...mama...te puedo preguntar algo? ( I ask you something?)"

"Claro (Sure)"

"Yo  estado en esa casa o eh visto esa estatua o algo parecido?(Have I ever been in that house or seen the statue before or something?)"

"Que casa? Que estatua? (What house? What statue?)"

"..mmm.. la primera que esta justo despues de la seguridad (..mmm...the first house..the one that is just beside the security)"

"Oh! de muy pequeña..cuando esa estatua no estaba..una amiga tuya vivia ahi..pero se mudaron hace años(Oh!..yes..but you were little...that statue wasn't there..a friend of yours used to live there but she moved away a long time ago)"

"Eso es todo?..nunca de grade? (That's it?...I have never been there as this age?)"

"No que you sepa...pero porque preguntas tanto sobre eso? (No that I know.....but why are you asking so much about that house?)"

" parecia familiar ( seemed familiar)"

My mother looked at me confused..then we finally arrived to the house..we got out of the car and my mom opened the door


I got scared at the first time...but then I smiled and thank everybody...

The party was huge...they were people all around the house.. in the living room there was a huge sign that said "BIENVENIDA A CASA (WELCOME HOME)" It was beautiful..but of course I didn't knew the half of the people that were there...

After meeting a lot of people..I went to the kitchen to drink some water..It took longer that I thought..I didn't remember where it was....when I finally got there I opened the door of the refrigerator and got the jar of water..just when I closed the door..a guy was just laying behind it and scared me and made me drop the glass

"Hola cariño (Hey babe)"

I have no idea who he was..but he seem familiar..he made me feel good

He was tall, with brown hair..brown eyes two..he was dressed with a white shirt and leather chaquet with a pair of jeans..he was I just smiled and went to look for something to clean that mess..suddenly Niall came in

"Que paso?( What happened?)"

 I didn't answer...but it seem like he didn't mind..Niall immidiatly went closer to the guy 

"Daniela..este..este es James (Danielle.... this..this is James)"

 Niall seem a little upset by seeing that the guy had done something wrong..Suddenly a girl call him

"Buenoo...estoy feliz de que estes bien..te veo despues? (Well...glad you are okay Danielle..see you later?)" 

I smiled again and he winked walking backwards..When he was gone..Niall immidiatly grab me and said

"Prometeme que no te acercaras a el...Ya te hizo daño una vez, no dejare que te haga daño otra vez (Promise me you won't get close to him...he all ready hurt you once..I won't let you hurt you twice)"

"Que? Que paso? quien es? (What? What happened? who is he?)"

" El era tu ex novio (He was your ex boyfriend)"

I was impressed..for both things...but more for seeing Niall so worried about that guy..he seem nice..but I still wondered what  happened? What that guy did? it must had hurt me a lot to make Niall behave like this...I was confused

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