The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


15. Dreams and Nightmares


"Estaba en un lugar frio...muy frio, y recuerdo que estaba lloviendo, caminaba por el muelle, sola....asustada, creo que corria de alguien, era extraño, pero me resbale y cai al agua,no podia nadar, algo me llevaria de vuelta al agua, como si estuviera amarrada, no podia salir, era horrible, sentia sentia perdida" (It was cold...very cold, and I remember it was raining, I was walking by the dock...I was alone...afraid, I think I was running from was strange, but I slipped and I fell into the water...I couldn't swim back up, it was like something was pulling me down, it felt like like I was tied...It was horrible..I felt lost)

Danielle stopped and sigh...she was still kind of scared

"Liam...estas bien?"(Liam are you alright?) Danielle asked

" ....solo pensaba que podria significar el sueño"( Yeah..yeah, I was just thinking what could that dream mean) Liam lied....He was really worried...lots of  questions were hovering in his mind...Did that really happened? Where was him in that moment? Who was she running from?...The only thing that could calm him down was that had already happened...and she was safe.

"Liam...hay algo principio no te lo queria decir pero-" (Liam...There's something first I didn't wanted to tell you but-)

Suddenly the doorbell rang

"Crap" Liam whispered...then he got up and went to open the door....who could it be? and why? it better be important because it had just ruin a very important conversation.

Liam opened the door and found Niall and Zayn discussing

"Its not my fault you didn't brought the keys!" Niall said

"You said you had them!" Zayn exclamated

"I never said that" Niall said

"Guys...shut up! and get in" Liam shouted

"Great! Now you made Liam mad at me" Zayn said

"So everything its my fault today?" Niall shouted

"YES YES IT IS! Thanks to you now Sandra won't talk to me!" Zayn exclamated

"WHO THE HELL IS SANDRA!?" Niall shouted 

"Act like you don't know" Zayn said while he walked away

"I have nooo clue what you are talking about" Niall said while he chased him up the stairs

The voices of their discussion echoed for all over the house...

Liam closed the door and rolled his eyes....he sat down on the couch and started to rethink what Danielle had told him...

"There's something more.." 

Liam couldn't stand it anymore, so he went to Danielle's room to finish what they had started...

He got up and went to Danielle's room...he opened the door but found her talking on the phone

Danielle made him a signal to come in and sit down while she talked to her mom...Liam sat down in Danielle's bed...and stayed there...staring at her...

"Poor dear...she has gone though soo much" he thought

Danielle hang up the phone and sat next to Liam

"Hey...estas bien?" (Hey...are you alright?)"

"Si....estoy bien" (Yeah...I'm all right)"....."ummm , solo vine para que me contaras eso que-" (Umm...i just came here so you could tell me what you were-)" 

"DIOS ESA ES LA HORA?!  Me tengo que ir! (GOSH ITS THAT THE TIME!? I have to go)"

"Que? A Donde? (What? where?)" Liam asked confused

"Voy a encontrarme con mi mama para ir a buscar los resultados del ultimo examen que me hice....y si no me voy ya llegare tarde (I'm going to pick up my mom so both can go to pick up the results of this test they took me last week...and if I don't leave now, I'm going to be late)" Danielle said while she pick up her purse

"Quieres que te lleve o algo? (Do you want me to drive you or something?)" Liam asked Danielle while he chased her down the stairs

"No gracias, agarrare un taxi (No thanks..I'll take a cap)"

"Bueno...buena suerte (Well...good luck)" 

"Graciaas! Chaoo! (Thanks! bye!)" Danielle said while she left the house living Liam alone with the two crazy idiots that where fighting for over who knows what.

Liam went up the stairs again...and went to Niall's room

He'll keep thinking that destiny itself didn't want him to know the rest of the story

He entered not caring what was going on in there and threw himself on Niall's bed

Zayn and Niall stopped arguing and walked slowly toward the bed...

"What's wrong?" Niall asked

 Liam didn't answer

"Liiiiiaaaaamm.....Are you alright bro?" Zayn asked while he'll keep touching him to see if he was alive

"I...I just.." 

"Liam....what happened in there?" Niall said seriously 

"Nothing....literally nothing....she left me with the dought"

"What dought? What are you talking about? What had to happen? " Zayn asked curiosly

Liam sighed and said "I'm just happy she's okay..."




Danielle was walking on the woods..confused, scared...

Finally she arrived

"You're late" A strange voice said

"I know...I'm sorry, I got won't happen again"  Danielle said worried

"It can't happen again...because then the deal is off"

"I won't" 



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