The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


6. Bad News


Everything was in silence but something broke it...some people where whispering in the other side of the room...I smiled and open my eyes

"Liam..queria decir- (Liam..I just want to-)"

Suddenly I realized it wasn't....any of them...they were doctors...they all had a paper on their hands writing and whispering between each other...I supposed it was another exam

One of the doctors came closer to me and sat in the bed

"Hola Danielle...como te sientes? (Hello Danielle...How are you feeling?)

"Estoy bien (I'm okay) I answered

"Genial (Great)"

The doctor stood up and went with the others...he seemed acting weird..he started to whisper again with the other seemed they were going to give me news

"Okey, se lo dire yo (Okay, I'll tell her)" someone was a woman, she camed closer and  sorrowfully looked at me

" cree casi impossible que ( seems kind of impossible for you..that...)"

She couldn't continue...she lowed her head..and stood up..then the door was another doctor..but this one didn't seem very nice..he immidiatly closed the door and camed closer to me

"No volveras a  recordar nada de lo que te paso antes..perdiste la memoria..y no la vas a recuperar..tu golpe fue muy fuerte..pero mira el lado bueno..quizas un millon de cosas horribles pasaron que no tendras que recordar (You won't ever remember anything that happened before lost your memory, but you are not going to..lets say...find hit your head very hard..but look at the bright side..maybe their where millions of terrible things that happened that you won't ever worry about again)"

I couldn't move...this could be the worst thing someone had ever said to me...well, I'm not quite sure...but I'll never figure that out...because i'll never have my memory back

After that the doctors decided to give me a moment alone...but it weren't more than five minutes when my mom and Niall got in running..the first one to talk was my mom

"Estas bien? perdoname por no haberlo parado(Are you okay? I'm so sorry...I should have stop him..)"

"no queria que te enteraras de esta manera (I didn't want you to figure it out this way)"

"De que otra manera me pude haber enterado?...y ustedes sabian? (In what other way could I figure it out?..and you knew?)"

"Mira...hermanita...escuchame..nos acaban de decir, lo siento (Look....sis...please..listen to me, they just told us...I'm sorry)"

"No, perdoname tu a mi..esque no lo puedo creer..(No I'm sorry...I just can't belive it..)"

I started crying...we all did

"Do you need some time alone?" my mom asked

I nodded with my head, then they got up and went to the door...but just there, they found Liam..he saw Niall and my mom crying and he started to mom and Niall leaved, so Liam entered confused

"Que pa-so? (What happened?)"

"La perdi (I lost it)"

"Q-ue? Dim-e (What? Tell me)"

"Mi memoria (My memory)"

"Lo se.. nos-(I know..we-)

"No Liam! Para siempre! no la recuperare! (No Liam! For ever! I will never get it back!)"

"Quien te dijo eso? (Who said that to you?)"

"Los doctores (The doctors)"

"Y les crees? (And you belive them?)"

"Claro que si! (Of course I do!)"

"Daniela..yo conozco a un verdad, los dos lo conocemos, que los doctores le dijeron que le faltaba solo 6 meses de vida...eso fue hace 5 años y el sigue estando aqui (Danielle...I know a friend..actually we both do, that the doctors said to him, he had only 6 months of life left...that was 5 years ago...and he stills here)" 

I raised myself and got the tears out of my eyes

"De verdad? (Really?)"

"Si..los doctores puede que tengan los resultados pero en realidad depende de lo que tu quieras! (Yes!..the doctors may have the results but it  really depends on you..on what you want!)"

He smiled and sweetly looked at me...then he hug me and said

"Te lo prometo..todo va a estar bien..tendras tu memoria de vuelta..te lo juro (I promise you..everything will be'll get that memory back...I swear)"

After a long pause..I got up  and went to the bathroom to clean my face and fix it a little, then I heard him whispering

"Tiene que ser asi...debe (It needs to be that has to be)"

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