The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


2. All over again


I couldn't sleep, my mind was full of questions, I didn't know what to do...I stood up, and walked foward the door, when someone suprised me...It was the woman again, but she had company....THE BLOND GUY! AND THE OTHER TWO GUYS I SAW! next to them their was this pair of guys fighting over the remote control, so I supposed it waas tha pair that where fighting in the front...It was the first time I saw them in person, I felt soo many emotions in that moment...I was scared because I didn't knew who they were...I was curious to meet them...I was sad for forgotten them and guilty for make them cry...but the blond guy was the only one who didn't cry, he was kind of HAPPY? I think?...he turned around and saw, I tried to hide but it was too late...he told everybody that I was awake...the all stood up and entered to the room while I still was finding a place to me in a hospital their are none places to hide...soo i run and layed in my bed pretending I was sleep...I covered myself with the blanket and hope they go of them was laughing, he took the blanket away and started talking to me...just like the first time the blond guy interrupt and said

"Como te sientes? (How are you feeling?)

This time I didn't answer, I just raised myself look each of them, trying to remember anything, but the only thing that came to my mind was that night on the limousine.. I turned around and looked to one of the guys I haven't seen, I suppose the one that was fighting...he had brown straight hair, with brown beautiful eyes, he was worried, at least he seem to, he had a black neckless, as soon as I saw that, my head started to hurt again and a flash back appeared

It was me running in a port with some guy and he gave me the neckless...then the image dissapeared and I passed out again...The next thing I knew, the were all around me..but this time the brown hair one didn't have the was weird....too weird

Suddenly a guy entered to the room...They were five now! this one had brown hair too but with the most amazing blue eyes...he entered and pull a girl with soon as she saw me she run and sit beside me, she was trying to talk spanish but I didn't get a word she was saying...I think she confused spanish with portuguese...

After a few minutes of awkward silence I decided to say something that I still don't know if I'll regret or not

"Que me paso?(What happened to me?)"

"They all exchanged looks...they seem to decide who was going to be the one that tells me...It seemed pretty horrible because no one wanted....once again, the blonde one stood up and came foward to me...he grab my hand, but I didn't let him...then he started

"Daniela..No te acuerdas de nada?(Danielle..Don't you remember anything?)"

I moved my head side to side, then he started saying

"Estabamos celebrando, tu fiesta de cumpleañ estabas pasando genial (We were having a party, your birthday party...and you were having a great time)"

Then he paused...It seemed hard to him to say it, so the brown hair guy with brown eyes came foward and try to calm him down..I think he was offering him to say it...both were really sad...after the blond guy wrote it on a note, the other guy started to read

"Todo estaba bien, entre todos te decidimos regalar un carro nuevo.. a ti te encanto, despues de unas vueltas volviste a tu casa con tu novio..el nos aviso a todos que te iva a llevar de paseo en su bote, para una cena romantica...tu no sabias...era sorpresa...cuando llegaron, nose muy bien lo que paso pero, al parecer tu novio no sabia que tu no sabias nadar y dio una vuelta muy grande para cruzar mientras danban un paseo en el barco, cuando te caiste y te diste un golpe con una piedra...casi te ahogas si no fuera por el que te salvo"

(Everything was fine, we all decided to give you a new love it, after a few rides you return home with your boyfriend, he told us that he was going to take you in his bote for a romantic didn't was a surprise, when you arrived I don't really know what happened, but it seemed that you boyfriend didn't knew that you didn't knew how to swim and when he gave a big return on the boat, you fell, you hit your head with a big almost die drowed if it wasn't for him, that saved you"

As soon as I hear those words I was terrified, but I still couldn't belive it, i know I didn't remember that, but It seem they were lying to me

After a few minutes, i raised myself and asked 

"Perdon, pero sigo sin conocerlos, me podrian decir sus nombres al menos" (I'm sorry, but I still don't know who are you, can you at least give me your names?)

Immidiately the woman stood up and said...Soy Ann Marie....Tu madre (I'm Ann Marie...Your mother)

Then the brown hair guy but with blues stood up and try to introduce himself, but i didn't understand soo the blondie guy whispered him something...and he said with a weird accent Soy Louis, amigo de tu hermano y esta es Eleanor mi novia (I'm Louis, Your brothers friend and this is Eleanor my girlfriend)

Then everyone started to stood up and the same I meet Zein I think? and Harre or Harry I'm not sure, they said they were my brothers friends...and it felt weird because I didn't knew who my brother was... 

They were only two guys left the blondie and the brown hair with brown eye guy

Suddely the blondie took a breath and said Soy Niall, tu hermano (I'm Niall, Your brother)

Trust me, its really weird hearing someone say that, after a few minutes or talking to him i turned around to the last guy...he was scared...but the black hair guy..I don't remember his name.....ZAYN! that was it! walk foward him and told him to do it....

Finally, he stood up and said Soy Liam, tu novio o eso solia ser (I'm Liam, your boyfriend, or that's what I used to be)

Those words shocked me, I couldn't belive it, He was the reason I was like that...but also the reason I was alive


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