The Lucky Latin Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Danielle, a latin regular girl that one day wakes up in a hospital with out remembering anything...Lots of persons come visit her, and try to help her remember her past, but they fail...One day, a special person come into the room and all changes...


1. I lost my memory?


I was just waking up, It was cold, I  couldn't remember anything, I just looked around until I realized I was on a limousine...I could only see 3 guys at the other side of the car, but I couldn't really hear what they were saying, they were whispering, the only thing I could really hear was the fight between the driver and the man next to him....well, it really wasn't a man, neither of them, they look about 18, 19 maybe?..They were talking in another language, english I think? but with a strange accent... I couldn't understand  lot of it, but I belive it was about which side to go, left or right...which was kind of inlogic because when I saw by the window we were going straight.

I was scared, I mean, who wouldn't be?... I tried to plan something to go away at soon as we park, but they find out I was awake... the 3 of the other side came closer, and one of them started making questions, I couldn't understand a word he was saying! because I speak spanish and because of his beautiful brown eyes that blown me away, he had black hair, and he was dressed with a simple shirt and a pair of jeans...his face was familiar to me, in fact they all were, but i couldn't remember why.

When he realized I was not going to answer anything he started to talk with the guy next to him, this one was totally different, he had curly hair, green beautiful eyes and was dressed a little more elegant that the others...he calmed the guy down and tried to talk to me, but I still couldn't understand a thing...I try to explain by signals but that only make them do more confused faces...Suddenly, a blondie hair one seemed to had an idea, he camed closer and gently said

"Estas bien?" (Are you all right?)

Finally something I could understand!...I tried raise myself,but my back hurt,so they helped me...when I was finally up, I answered

"Si" (Yes)...Then I continued...que paso? que hago aqui? quienes son? (What happened? what I'm doing in here? Who are you?)

I seemed like the guy was glad I was okay, because he only smiled and said 

"No te preocupes todo va a estar bien" (don't worry, everything is going to be fine)

Suddenly my head stared to hurt..everything started to go in circles.. and I fell down

Next thing I new..I was on my room waking up...It all seemed to be a nightmare..when someone walk in.. It was a woman,I didn't know who she was, she had brown hair, and brown eyes...she seemed to had cried alot before..but kind of happy to see me

"Hola! porfin despertaste pequeña, como te sientes?" (Hey! you're finally up! how are you feeling?)"

"Bien" (Fine) I answered...a little confused...tears started to came out from her eyes and asked

"No me recuerdas verdad?" (You don't remember me do you?)

I didn't know what to answer, it seemed that my answer could stop her crying or make her cry herself I was really confused, but I wasn't going to lie to her, because I didn't remember her...i didn't remember anything!

"Lo siento, no" (I'm sorry, but no)

And as I was afraid, she started to cry again, then a Doctor came in...he introduce himself and grab the woman gently took her outside...I still could see them by the window, He was trying to calm her down, but it seemed like that what happened to me was important to her or something related to me..

I just needed a brake, some time to think, to try to remember, I turned around, and close my eyes...the first thing that camed to my mind was that three boys I had dreamed with, or maybe that was what I thought...

I opened my eyes was night, the only light of the room was the hall light, were I could see the shadows of the doctors outside the room....I was thristy, so I looked around to seeif there was a glass or something, but suddenly  I stopped, a picture had grab my attention...It was me! but...with that woman and that blondie guy! IT HAVEN'T BEEN A DREAM! THEY WERE REAL! THOSE PEOPLE KNEW ME!.... and some how, I had forgotten them..



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