Fishing for the truth

Darcy is a young girl who is magical lets just say loves to FISH for some fun she loves water and swimming but what happens when she goes to beach and her best buddies (guys of 1D ) see somthing they shouldent will she run away forever will she fall in love before they find out her secret will they sell her out most important qestion will they kill her ? Find out what im talking about in fishing for the truth


2. Secret crush

Darcys POV
Louis came up to me and ask do u have a crush on anyone I asked why he said just wondering I said can I trust u not to tell the boys yah loud mouth hippo he chukled yah u can I told him I secretly liked harold Edward styles he gasped and said NO WAY HE LIKES U TOO he screamed and loud enough Harry came over and looked at Louis like he was scared Louis said yes I told harry I told ! Harry got all red and ran I screamed Harry wait ! But he DIDENT stop
Harry's POV
I heard loudly from the other room NO WAY HE LIKES U ... Before I let him finish I blocked the rest off and ran in to check if he did and he said he did I looked at Darcy and Louis and got bright an ran she said wait but I DIDENT stop I couldent
I saw Harry run out the back all red I knew what loui did LOUIS I screamed really loud he came I said did u tell he replied with a indeed I did I bout choked him but then darcy came in I told her Harry is really upset plz don't hate him she told me she had a crush on him and needed to talk to him I told her out the back door round the corner she said thank u and ran out I let loui go and went back to my book the boys were standing in shock at what just happened they said lets go after him we agreed and got in the car
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