Fishing for the truth

Darcy is a young girl who is magical lets just say loves to FISH for some fun she loves water and swimming but what happens when she goes to beach and her best buddies (guys of 1D ) see somthing they shouldent will she run away forever will she fall in love before they find out her secret will they sell her out most important qestion will they kill her ? Find out what im talking about in fishing for the truth


3. Regretting going after him

Darcys POV
I saw Harry he was heading to the beach we first met I was getting nervous what if I fall in the water but I DIDENT care Harry was my best crush friend lol I love him I came up to the beach I stopped Harry feeling a puddle of water in my eyes i told him I loved him more than a friend and I kissed him on the lips but when we were done the boys came we joked around and Zayn bumped into me and I fell IN THE WATER !!!!!!!! I felt my legs closeing up do I went under water my long brown curly hair covered my face I DIDENT need to hold my breath my top turned into a bra like thing and my necklace started glowing really bright I had a green long tail oh no I can't let them see me ......
she kissed me ! Yes ! The boys came an we joked around Zayn bumped her she fell in the water I could see her hair flow in her face under water her necklace started glowing her top was now like a bra and I couldent see any further she came up from the water with color ful bright makeup on I asked how did u get that make up on and how does it stay on weres ur shirt an why is ur necklace glowing me and the boys stood in shock at what we were seeing she told us all about it Zayn fainted I wa amazed my crush was a mermaid what do I do though shes my BFF bu a mermaid Whoah never thought this would happen total shocker
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