Fishing for the truth

Darcy is a young girl who is magical lets just say loves to FISH for some fun she loves water and swimming but what happens when she goes to beach and her best buddies (guys of 1D ) see somthing they shouldent will she run away forever will she fall in love before they find out her secret will they sell her out most important qestion will they kill her ? Find out what im talking about in fishing for the truth


5. Jealousy much

Darcy's POV
I cuddled up to Harry and dozed off when I woke up he ASKED ME OUT I said YES and I kissed him when I did I saw Liam tense up but I thought nothing of it when we went to bed Harry asked if I could sleep with him I said ya sure an that night me an Harry snuggled in bed the next morning I got up took a shower put on clothes and makeup curled my hair and ate breakfeast Harry was already down and eating of course because he made it but anyway Liam came down grumpy as ever " good morning cranky " I said teasily he smiled and said "morning " Harry joked around and do did I but when Harry said somthing Liam frowned when I said somthing he smiled or laughed I was starting to worry what was going on beetween them I got up and said I have to go I kissed Harry and hugged Liam before I left out the door I said tell the boys I said I'll NBC back an with that I left leaving a sticky note on the door a big one too
Liam's POV
I was pissed that Harry got her I wanted her but I DIDENT get her she said she had to go I saw her leave I sticky note it said for u boys on it I read it it said .....
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