Fishing for the truth

Darcy is a young girl who is magical lets just say loves to FISH for some fun she loves water and swimming but what happens when she goes to beach and her best buddies (guys of 1D ) see somthing they shouldent will she run away forever will she fall in love before they find out her secret will they sell her out most important qestion will they kill her ? Find out what im talking about in fishing for the truth


4. Bf ,gf or food

Liam's POV
Dang I never thought that my BFF was a fish thing I really have to think this through one mistake from one of the boys and she's history !! What do we do we just stood their like ideots Harry stepped out of it first then me then Niall Louis an Zayn she got out we saw her tail a pretty light green man she was beautiful WAIT WHAT I can't be likeing her no way !!! She's Harry's girl I can't like her she flipped her hair swinging it around getting the wetness out of it she said hand me a towel plz I did without takeing one eye off her
Harry's POV
Liam was starring at her why ???? He knew she was mine I shot him a dirty glare he DIDENT look at her again after she looked confused it was amazing how ah transforms she turn human in the blink of an eye ! Crazy we got her home and wrapped her in a towel and placed her in front of te fireplace she was shivering I cuddled up by her she put her head in my chest an snuggled up next to me on the couch Liam was in front of us when she put her head on my chest he clenched his hands but quickly turned and walked away ....
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