Fishing for the truth

Darcy is a young girl who is magical lets just say loves to FISH for some fun she loves water and swimming but what happens when she goes to beach and her best buddies (guys of 1D ) see somthing they shouldent will she run away forever will she fall in love before they find out her secret will they sell her out most important qestion will they kill her ? Find out what im talking about in fishing for the truth


1. Best buds (1D)

Darcy's pov
Today I'm sneaking out away from they boys so I can go swimming and won't get caught I quick ran out of the living room grabbed a shell and ran out the door whilst putting on a green glowing necklace the boys ran after me but before they knew it I was in the car an out the driveway
Louis POV

Darcy shot out of the room to the car Harry freaked out most likely cuz he has a HUGE CRUSH. On the poor girl and he abdolutly loves her name man that kid I started screaming Kevin come back out the door everyone laughed but Harry we let her go we watched tv when ......
Darcy's POV
I was swimming for A half an hour flapping around checked the time on my water proof watch and said oh shit I gotta get back I quick flopped up and dried myself enough to walk and ran to the car drove home when I got in the house I was trampled down by Harry screaming were could u have been I was so worried !!! I said I went window shoping calm down Harold he gave me a playful evil look I gave one back we both laughed I really liked harry mabe more then a fishy lil friend mabe as a bf idk Im just drunk full of salt water better lay down I said they agreed and went back to the Telly
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