Nobody Compares

Kelsey gets accepted to a school in L.A. for singing and song writing. She then gets transferred to London with her best friend Kyra. The girls both gets a job at a music store where they get to interview One Direction. Liam and Niall fall hard in love at first sight, while Kelsey and Kyra find feeling themselves. Kelsey sinks more in the music industry and finds herself stuck choosing between her passion for singing or the love growing for Liam. Niall and Kyra have a love story not like most others. Read to find out what happens. (It's my first fanfic so please read!) XoXo


11. The Love Song and Cheating

*Kelsey 's POV*
That night everyone came over to watch movies. After awhile Liam and I went into my room. "I need to show you something" I whispered in his ear leading him to my bed. He sat down waiting as I came back with my guitar. "You play?" He asked smiling. I tuned it then started playing. "Just listen" I said look into his eyes. I started to write a love song for my summer assignment at school but it was hard because I never really felt love for someone like that. Until I met Liam.
I made sure he heard the cores. 'Truly, madly, deeply I am
Foolishly, completely falling
And somehow you kicked all my walls in
So baby say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you
In love with you'
That was my favorite part in the song because it was really about Liam. After I was done with my song he kissed me. More passionate them ever before. There was something between us that was not able to be described. I started worrying that I would lose him. I can't have anymore people walk out on me. I started getting scared to be this close to someone. After my dad walked out a year ago I could never trust someone. Even though my parents got back together it really opened my eyes.
I pulled slowly away from the kiss making him ask what was wrong. "Nothing don't worry, .."I stared to get embarrassed. He wrapped his arms around me as I laid my head in his chest. "Is this even real?" I asked while playing with his fingers. He was silent but I knew he wanted to say something. Right when I though he gave up on thinking what to say he said it.
"I may be a fool but I will never leave you. I want to be your last first kiss. If you only knew how I really felt about you, I want to be the first person to take all your problems away. I never felt like this toward someone before." His words made a tear fall from my eyes. I turned to look into his eyes. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this is real, it feels real. Maybe this is the time I love again. His thumb gently glided across my cheek to wipe the fallen tear. He never asked why or how, he just comforted me with his touch.

*Kyra's POV*
Kelsey and Liam were in her room for awhile now and missed the ending of the movie. We all decided to give them space and not bother to know what they were doing. "Hey Ky you like to drink?" Harry shouted after he found a bottle of vodka in our kitchen. I didn't know if I should lie or not. What if its a turn off if I do. I want to be real with the boys so I jumped up and shouted back yes. I looked at Niall immediately to see his reaction. He was laughing and jumping up to grab a glass. Wait.. The boys drink? HA! Of course they probably do. I followed behind Zayn and Louis to start a drinking game. I obviously knew how to play beer pong but using vodka instead. Niall and I were on a team and we dominated agains the rest of the 3 boys. "Wow Kyra didn't know you had it in you." Niall said in my face with his alcohol smelling breath.
I knew Harry was drunk, it was pretty clear after watching him try to talk to a picture of a cat for 5 minutes. Zayn and Louis were screaming and dancing looking like complete fools. As of Niall and I we were both pretty still ourselves. I grabbed 2 shots and 2 limes and showed him how I like to take my vodka. I slowly squeezed the lime making it drip down his neck. "Here bite down on this" as I placed half the lime in this mouth. I licked the lime juice off his neck and took my shot then slowly started to suck on the other half of the lime as he did the same.
We got interrupted by a loud bang. I looked over the direction the noise came from and saw Harry on the floor with the table sideways. "Yay I win!" Yelled Zayn with his arms up cheering. Oh god what were they doing. We all started to laugh and then noticed Liam and Kelsey rushed in to see what the noise was about. "Just having a little fun." Niall said to them as they laughed. Louis barged in behind them "good ya made it just in time lets play hide and seek outside!"
"But lou it's dark?" I questioned him. "So that's what will make it fun!" He grabbed our arms and pulled us to the door. "Niall your with Zayn and I and Kyra your with Harry." Louis was drunk off his ass so this game was gonna be pretty funny. "Liam and Kelsey your gonna be the seekers. K?" Liam nodded back to confirm.
As Harry and I quietly walked behind the pool into the garden where we hid under a big tree that cover us with leaves and flowers. We waited only whispering to each other. We saw Liam walk by the pool but he didn't see us. "Okay Hazza you have to be quite. Do not laugh!" I whispered in his ear and cuffing my hand over his mouth. He gave a thumbs up and I let go. It seems like we were under there forever until Kelsey peeked through and shouted "FOUND YOU!" We both jumped up laughing. "Took you long enough! Where are the others" Harry asked while shaking his cloths back in place. "Inside waiting for you guys." We walked back and I noticed that I was holding Harry's hand. I quickly stopped and yanked my hand free. Uh? What happened? I couldn't remember but I hope we didn't do something under that tree. We could have done anything we were both drunk enough.
That next morning I woke up in my bed, I knew Niall stayed the night because his phone was laying on the table next to the bed. His shirt was on the floor and the his side of the bed was all messed with. I figured he was in the kitchen eating or something so i didn't rush to get out of bed. I started to hear two people yell, his Irish accent made me shiver. I leaned up to the door to hear the whole convocation.
"YOU KISSED HER!?!?" Those three words made me sink in fear. "Bro believe me we were drunk last night. It didn't mean anything. " Harry's calm voice replied, trying to explain and that's when I remembered our lips being pushed together. "I'll go ask Kyra and see what she says. Your my best friend how could you do this?" I heard footsteps walk to the door I tried to move away from the door but it swing open and hit me in the head. "OW!" I shouted. "Oh god babe are you okay? I didn't mean to hit you." Niall kissed the spot he hit and rubbed it. "I'm fine but are you? I heard you yelling" I tried to act like I never knew anything. Harry stepped in the room staring at me with a sorry look on his face. "Harry told me last night that you two kissed, I believe him but I want to hear you tell me." Niall sounded scared and sad. "It was a drunk thing. It didn't mean nothing. We are too close of friends to think like that. I promise." I tried not to cry but I didn't want him to break up with me. "Okay, it's fine.."
Niall kissed my cheek and left. I could tell he wasn't okay but I want to give him space. An hour later everyone left with Kelsey and I here to clean the house. "Have you heard from Niall today?" I ask Kelsey hoping she would know anything from Liam. "We'll Liam said he seemed pretty down after they left." Those were words I didn't want to hear. Hurting him is the last thing I want to do. I grabbed my phone to call him. 6 rings. He didn't answer. My heart sank and my eyes got watery. Don't cry Kyra it's just a boy. He just needs space he will call back in a few minutes. I tried to cheer myself up but it was hard. He wasn't just a boy. He was someone I wanted to be with everyday. He's my best friend and I love him. Yeah, I love him. Not Harry but Niall.

*few hours later*

"Kyra! You have a phone call!!" Kelsey was yelling at me from downstairs. I was laying in bed watching movies. I thought it was Niall so I flew downstairs, "hello!" I said cheerfully in the phone. "Hey sweetie" oh.. It wasn't Niall. "Hey mom, what's up?"
"Just the usual, cooking. Haha." Her chuckles made me laugh. "I miss your cooking, and you." I replied back and remember everything that happened. "Aw Ky I miss you too and so does your farther. Is everything okay?" I want to tell her about Niall and I but I didn't want her to freak out and tell me why I shouldn't date him. "Uh ye.. Yes" I choked out the words, holding my tears in I made a sniff. "Are you sure? You don't sound happy." She can tell I was crying so I had to get off the phone. "Oh I'm fine, really. Can I call you back later Kelsey needs help with laundry." I hate to lie to her. "Okay bye sweetie love you". "Love you too mom tell dad the same. Bye" I hung up the phone and ran to my room.
I slammed the door and the tears ran down my face. I'm so stupid for drinking last night. I know I can't handle it when I get pressured with guys. Why did I kiss him? I felt like a whore. Cheating. Something I can't bare to think and It hurt the person I cared the most about.
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