Nobody Compares

Kelsey gets accepted to a school in L.A. for singing and song writing. She then gets transferred to London with her best friend Kyra. The girls both gets a job at a music store where they get to interview One Direction. Liam and Niall fall hard in love at first sight, while Kelsey and Kyra find feeling themselves. Kelsey sinks more in the music industry and finds herself stuck choosing between her passion for singing or the love growing for Liam. Niall and Kyra have a love story not like most others. Read to find out what happens. (It's my first fanfic so please read!) XoXo


8. Sing To Me

*Kyra's POV*
"Niall can you we go to Hot Topic?" I asked him as we went strolling through the mall. "Wherever you want to go babe!" He replied. It's our second date and we decided to go shopping. It's kinda hard to keep a conversation going because girls would always interrupt asking for pictures and autographs but he promised me he will try to make the fans short so we can go back to our date.
"Where would you like to eat lunch at?" He asked me shyly.
"I don't care really but my favorite place is Nando's" I said that and I watched his eyes light up. "YEE! Me too! Lets go I'm starving!" He said grabbing my hand. We walked inside of the restaurant, "mmmm. I love the smell of their fresh breadsticks!" I said making myself even more hungry. We sat down and got asked what we wanted to order. "Perri Perri Chicken with Dr. Pepper!" We both said in sync. Woah! Did we just order the same thing? "Haha okay ill write that down for both of you." Said the waiter.
"You have good taste!" Niall said to me laughing. "Looks like you do too!" I laughed at our conversation. We have so many things in common and we make each other laugh. That's just what i want in a guy. We ate our meal and had a long conversation,I can't help it I really like him. I told myself before I came to be careful and not fall so hard cause he could crush my heart anytime. Apparently my stupid self let that fly out the window. His eyes are beautiful and he's so funny, I love hearing his laugh.
We went back to the mall. I already had so much I bought but he insisted on going to more stores. It was only 2:00 so we had a lot of time still left in our day. I enjoyed being with him so i didn't mind. We went into target and Little Things started to play throughout the store. It my favorite song and I had to sing. I tried to control my fan girl but a few lyrics slipped out of my mouth. He grabbed my hand and started to sing it out loud. I got red in the face and I knew in a matter of seconds there will be screaming girls everywhere.
We were surrounded by girls but he didn't care. We were in the middle of Target and Niall Horen was singing Little Things to me while holding my hand. I laughed at how sweet he was. Then we started to walk away. I noticed he never let go of my hand but I liked it. It fit in my like it was meant to be.

(Sorry that this one is short it was suppose to be with chapter 7. I'm writing chapter 9 so it will be up soon! xx)
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