Nobody Compares

Kelsey gets accepted to a school in L.A. for singing and song writing. She then gets transferred to London with her best friend Kyra. The girls both gets a job at a music store where they get to interview One Direction. Liam and Niall fall hard in love at first sight, while Kelsey and Kyra find feeling themselves. Kelsey sinks more in the music industry and finds herself stuck choosing between her passion for singing or the love growing for Liam. Niall and Kyra have a love story not like most others. Read to find out what happens. (It's my first fanfic so please read!) XoXo


5. Meeting You Again

* Kyra's POV*

"Wow, thanks for letting us interview you!" I said with a smile. "No, thank you for coming!" Niall said winking at me. Did Niall Horan just wink at me? I wanted to jump up and down screaming but I kept my cool. This Irish boy is perfect! I realized I was staring him the whole time when he said "take a picture, it will last longer." Which reminded me about our new camera. Kels asked if we can take pictures with everyone and they all agreed very eagerly.

* Kelsey's POV*

We made small talk with the boys and they're nice and really funny. They asked how old we were and we replied that we were 19 and they asked why we lived in London. I explained about how I got moved here to go to school from LA. We chatted for about 10 mins before we had to leave in a hurry so they can be on time for a meet & greet.

*Liam's POV*

"Those girls were cute!" I said after they shut the door. I wasn't the only one who had a crush, all the boys agreed with me. After meeting fans we finally got to go home. All Niall talked about was the girl with the short hair, "She had the prettiest eyes, and a beautiful name!" He repeated the whole night. Oh yeah her name is Kyra I almost forgot because I was thinking about Kelsey.
That girl looked interesting, she was beautiful and very funny. I saw her smile at me and I got nervous to go ask for her number. I then realized I have the number of the man who owned Hot Note music store. He's a good friend of mine so that next day I called him to ask about the girls that worked there.

* Kelsey's POV*

*sunday morning* I woke up with a smile on my face. I had such a good time last night I couldn't help but smile. I rolled out of bed and It looked like a rats nest on top of my head. I went to the bathroom and brushed it then put it in a bun and went to start breakfast. I first went to check on Kyra she was still asleep which was normal because she won't wake up till 1pm anyways. I made a bowl of cereal and took a shower. Since I wasn't busy today I went to work to sort records and tell our boss how it went last night. Our bosses name is Andy and he's really cool. To give him a heads up I texted him that I was on my way.

*Liam's POV*

I went through my contacts and and dialed the number for Andy. After 3 rings he picked up "hello it's Andy!"
"Hey Andy it's Liam." I said.
"Sup man, it's been a long time since we've talk. How were my interviewers last night?" He said eagerly.
"Yeah that why I'm calling you actually.." I was saying till I got interrupted by him asking if the girls were trouble.
"No. No! They were wonderful!" I heard him sign in relief.
"Do you mind telling me their work schedule, I would like to stop by and say hello to the girl who works there with the name Kelsey?" I said trying not to sound desperate. Andy laughed and said I was in luck because she was on her way now. That gave me a perfect time to come meet her again.
About an hour later I pulled up to the store. I saw a cute navy blue Mini Cooper parked outside so I assumed it was hers. I opened the door and greeted Andy he told me Kelsey was down stairs alone. So I slowly opened the door to walk down. I was half way there when I heard singing. It was a beautiful voice I peeked over and saw her sitting on the floor with her headphones on singing. It was so cute it made me smile.
I tripped over a stair making a loud thump and interrupting her melody. I quickly got up collecting my swag back. I knew she saw me cause she stopped singing and jumped up. "Oh hello..Liam" she said sounding unsure. I smiled and acted like I never heard her sing. To be honest she looked hot.
She had shorts on that looked like they were meant to be torn. She had a white tank top on with a Channel logo on the front. She wore light teal high top sneakers. Her hair was long and perfectly straight. That was something I liked about her, she looked different from the rest. Not in a bad way, she had her own cute style.

*Kelsey's POV*

I turned around and there was Liam, I think he just tripped down the stairs but I didn't want to say anything to make him embarrassed. I prayed that he didn't hear me singing, I could feel my face turning red when I said hi trying to break the awkwardness.
He replied saying hello back in his accent that just killed me inside. Why is Liam Payne here? Is he here to see me? Of course not, why would he.. I was saying in my thoughts before he said he came to ask me a question.
"Me.?" I said sounding like a retard.
"Haha yes, you are the Kelsey I met last night right?"
"Yes that's me!" I replied back sounding proud. I turned back to what I was doing on the floor.
He sat down next to me, he was about to say something but closed his mouth. "So what is that you want to ask?" I asked curiously.
"Oh yes.. Umm.. Well.. I.. I mean Niall.. and I were.. Umm wondering if you and Kyra want to go on a double date with us tomorrow night?"
I smiled and I said we would love too. A huge grin grew on his face which made me feel good inside.

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