Nobody Compares

Kelsey gets accepted to a school in L.A. for singing and song writing. She then gets transferred to London with her best friend Kyra. The girls both gets a job at a music store where they get to interview One Direction. Liam and Niall fall hard in love at first sight, while Kelsey and Kyra find feeling themselves. Kelsey sinks more in the music industry and finds herself stuck choosing between her passion for singing or the love growing for Liam. Niall and Kyra have a love story not like most others. Read to find out what happens. (It's my first fanfic so please read!) XoXo


12. Making Up

* Kelsey's POV*
I feel so bad for Kyra. She's been in her room all week not saying a lot to me. I wish she would just come to talk, I asked her to come with me to go eat with Liam but she didn't want to. I left the house feeling awful because my best friend is heart broken in her room. I pulled up to the restaurant and I guess it wasn't gonna be just Liam and I. Niall was standing next to him with a big smile stretched on his face. After I got out and walked up to him his smile went away when he noticed I was alone.
"Where's Kyra at?" Liam whispered in my ear. "She didn't want to come, I'm sorry I didn't know you were bringing Niall." I felt embarrassed for my mistake. Well this gives me some time with him to talk about what's going on with Kyra and his relationship. We sat down at our table and he looked like a depressed mess. "Niall, why so sad?" I tired to cheer him up with a perky voice. "Kyra... I haven't seen or heard from her for a week." He stuck his head in his hands rubbing his brow. "She's been waiting for you to call. She didn't want to get under skin and make things worse. She's been at home making herself miserable so you can have space." I was calm but all I wanted was for him and her to kiss and makeup.
"What? Why would she do that?" Niall stood up "is she still at home?" He grabbed his car keys and walked away. "Yes, the key is in the tree!" I shouted as he left the restaurant. I looked at Liam, "I hope everything goes okay." He kissed my hand and smiled that he was sure it will be.
"So babe, you are coming to our concert tomorrow night right?" He looked up from his big plate of pasta. "I don't have tickets!" I totally forgot about it. He dropped his fork and started laughing. A confused look was on my face, "why are you laughing?". "You don't need tickets, you're my girlfriend. You will just come backstage with me." Oh yeah I forgot about who I was dating. I giggled. "Okay okay sorry." It was a nice time with Liam tonight. We were in the car and he asked if I wanted to spend the night with him. I wasn't sure if Kyra needed me so I called her.

Me-"hey Ky are you doing okay?"

Kyra-"yes hahaha are you still with hahahaha Niall stop haha sorry are you still with Liam?"

Me-"you sound like you're having fun, yes I am. Is it okay if I stay with Liam tonight?"

Kyra-"that's cool! Niall found my tickling spot!"

Me-"so you too are made up?"

Kyra-"yes we are! Who knows what other making up we are gonna do tonight"

Me-"okay well I'm gonna go before you get into details."

Well I'm glad I wasn't gonna be home tonight I can only imagine what that Irish charm will do to her. She seemed happy though so I'm not worried. I was staring at the window thinking about my song. I then realized I was humming it, Liam grabbed my hand. "You know you are really talented, that song was amazing. Just like you." I blushed, "thank you". I was admiring him when we started to slow down and pulled into a long drive way. His house is beautiful, I can't believe he lives here alone. Well he won't have to be lonely tonight.
He helped me out of the car and we ran to the front door, it was pouring British rain but it was beautiful in the night sky. He stopped at the door and kissed me. I kissed him back. He grabbed my waist and pushed me into the door. Opening it and making sure I didn't fall. We intensely made out, fingers tangled in hair and hands gripping on hips. Pulling closer and closer. Nothing in the world mattered but the love we shared.
He picked me up bridal style and carried me up stairs to a big light gray room. It looked boyish but cute. He gentle set me on the bed. Touching my thighs and kissing my nose. I bit my lip, wanting more. He locked the door and rolled into bed with our lips connected like magnets, moving in sync as we kicked our shoes off. His shirt was the first to go. I touched his bare chest as he pulled my shirt off over my head. We both knew where this was going.
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