Nobody Compares

Kelsey gets accepted to a school in L.A. for singing and song writing. She then gets transferred to London with her best friend Kyra. The girls both gets a job at a music store where they get to interview One Direction. Liam and Niall fall hard in love at first sight, while Kelsey and Kyra find feeling themselves. Kelsey sinks more in the music industry and finds herself stuck choosing between her passion for singing or the love growing for Liam. Niall and Kyra have a love story not like most others. Read to find out what happens. (It's my first fanfic so please read!) XoXo


4. Live While We're Young

*Kelsey's POV*
As we arrived to the concert my tummy filled with butterflies. For a second I thought that this was a dream and I was still in LA. How did I get so lucky to be able to move to London and meet One Direction? I've been a fan of there voices when they were on XFactor and then when they came out with their own music I melted to the lyrics every time. For me as a young artist still learning they can be an inspiration and I'm glad I get to ask them some questions. I was daydreaming the whole time we got out of the car until I got interrupted by Kyra.

*Kyra's POV*
"Kels, over here!". "Kelsey our seats are here!" I'm not sure what she was doing so I punched her arm to get her attention. She quickly jumped like I was about to kidnap her. I laughed as I walk to sit down. Man, this building is crowed and filled with screaming and crying girls. It was really fun while we waited, Kelsey and I made some friends with the girls next to us.
All we talked about was who are favorite boy is. We liked them all very much but mine is Niall and Kelsey's is Liam. We told the girls that we are interviewing them after for our music store and they were happy for us. Unlike the girls behind us who were obviously jealous because they said some rude stuff about Kels and I. The lights started to dim when all of a sudden you hear an Irish voice and loud screams. After dancing and singing for 3 hours the concert was over but I'm not complaining because it was the best! It was so much fun to see them live and hear the adorable accents in the lyrics.

*Niall's POV*
"Nice job lads! I'm sure we made 7000 panties drop tonight" I said while making everyone laugh. The boys and I are always so pumped after a concert. I rushed to the food table to get a snack before it was time for the interviews. As we were in the dressing rooms I scarfed down 2 sandwiches and 3 waters.
I leaned over to Zayn and before I could ask he handed me his cookie. That boy is so thoughtful. Paul opened the the door and said the two interviewers were here. I was expecting a lady in her early 30's but it was completely different this time. "Daayymm!" Harry mumbled under his breath as the two most gorgeous girls walked in with 2 microphones and a camera man. I quickly stood up smiling at the girl with the short hair. She smiled back getting red in the face and I could tell she was nervous.

*Kelsey's POV*
We met up with our camera man, Dave before heading to the room to meet the boys. I was so nervous! Their manager opened the door leading us in. Niall stood up and they all had big grins on their faces. My heart rushed when I saw Liam's smile. Okay Kelsey it's time to be cool, don't embarrass yourself, I said in my head like 100 times! "Hey guys, great show!" I said with a smile. They all said thanks babe in there lovely accents.
It was hard trying not to Fangirl when they just called me babe! Kyra started to talk in the camera, "hey guys its Kyra and Kelsey from the Hot Note music store here in London. We are now here with One Direction! They just got finished performing and it was amazing." All the boys waved to the camera like they have done this before. Wait they have, TONS OF TIMES! "Okay boys so the first question for you is .." We went on with the interview and it went smoothly and surprisingly fun, I don't know why I worried so much.
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