Not My Lover

What if you got a chance to date one of the boys? Well I did, it was all management's idea. They decided that if 3 of the boys had girlfriends, then the fans it shrinkage draw more fans since there are more couple shipping choices. Yes its an honor and all, but the love for me and him is fake. My heart belongs to another bandmember.
PS. It's going to get rated PG-13 or R, so you're been warned.


1. Summing it up

I'm Tylee Jonesinski! I'm 18, I have blonde hair, but by now its mostly brown. I have green eyes, I'm 5'8", I have kinda pale skin, I have curly hair. I am a swimmer, but I graduated high school, so I'm out of school so I can't swim. I'm skinny(of course), but I have a huge appetite. I like video games, I'm a thrill seeker, I'm very confident, I'm more of an immature person, well I am a immature person! I'm not really the girly type of girl, since I grew up with 5 brothers, I had to learn how they thought, and how to defend myself, and tell them they shouldn't mess with me, which wasn't that hard since I'm really good at video games. So, let me sum up my life for you. My parents died when I was 17, I know, how unfortunate. I was put in a teen community home, which is another word for orphanage for teens. By the time I was 18 and finished school I was able to go off on my own, since the orphanage was a very rich organization they gave me $950 to start with for my life. I saved the money and worked at the orphanage, after 3 months, I had enough money to move in an apartment in England and a plane flight there. Well, a day after I got there and got all my stuff put and ready in my apartment I went out for a walk. A man talked to me and I introduced himself, he was One Direction's manager. He told me to come to his office in about 10 minutes. Well, it was probably a 15 minute walk, I ran there. I was out of breath when I got there, I bet my hair wasn't looking to good either. I fixed myself up before I went to his office. I went to his office and I saw Harry Styles. Well I almost screamed, since I was a huge directioner. I tried to be as professional as I could, but I couldn't stop smiling. "Well," the man I met on the streets said, "this is Mr.Styles." Harry just put his hand up to say hi, I just had to act like an idiot and say, "Sup dude." I tried to be as nonchalant as I could, but it wasn't working. "Well, you are going to be Mr.Styles's 'girlfriend'. But before you Trent this a publicity stunt. People love celebrity love, so we decided to give Mr.Styles here a girlfriend. You looked like a pretty girl and a reasonable mature person to handle this." I almost started to laugh, "Mr.Josen, I'm not a mature person at all. I'm very sorry, I'm not the right person to do this." I stood up from the chair when a very tall and muscular guy stepped in front of the door, "I'm just gonna sit down now." then I took my seat back. "We needs lots of PDA to let people know Harry has a girlfriend." "Well, I'm flattered Mr.Josen, but I don't think Harry and I would make a great couple, maybe a real celebrity should to with Harry." "No, people like it when its a normal, regular person. Everyone knows a celebrity and a celebrity never last forever." "Well, fine." then I take Harry's huge hands and walk out of there. So that's how I'm "dating" Harry Styles. The thing is, Niall is the one for me, so Niall and I have been real dating, but secretly. 

Author's Note: I know the first part is really bad. My friend wanted to write. Her name Those, the description above matches her perfectly, except she's a soccer player. Tylee is writing this story, not me. 

P.S. The next part is PG-13 and R, so if you don't want to read you don't have to.


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