They Don't Know About Us

Emma Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Yes, THE Liam Payne from One Direction. Emma usually tours with the boys during the summer, but now that she's eighteen, she can finally go on a full tour with them. Emma and Niall are currently together, but Harry has developed feelings for Ms. Emma Payne. Along the way, Paul's son, Spencer, tags along for the tour. Will he develop felings for Ms. Emma Payne? Will there be a love triangle? Read and find out for yourself, my love.


3. Truth or Dare

Emma's P.O.V.

We all went to the little living room to play truth or dare. I sat down beside Niall on the floor. We were all sitting in a circle. It was Niall, me, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, then Spencer. I didn't really expect Spencer to be there with us, but I guess he wanted to get to know us all better. Louis grinned, "I'll go first! Emmabear, truth or dare?" He gave me this devilish look. I grinned and said, "Truth." Louis' face made me giggle, "Aww!! Why? Alright.. If you weren't Liam's sister, who's sister would you want to be?" Wow, this was a hard one. Louis would be an amazing brother or Zayn.. I wouldn't want Niall or Harry as brothers. "I'm not sure..either Louis or Zayn, honestly. Okay! My turn!" I looked around the circle and bit my lip. "Harry, truth or dare?" I pretty much knew he'd pick dare. "Dare, love." I bit my lip again, thinking of what to dare him with. "I dare you to wear a pair of my panties the rest of the day until tomorrow morning." As soon as the words left my mouth, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall burst out laughing. Spencer started laughing too, but not as much as the other boys. Harry just sat there, probably thinking, What have I gotten myself into?. "Alright, I'll do it. Show me the panties, love." I laughed and got up and he followed me to my suitcase. I debated on which panties to give him. I picked out a hot pink pair that read "Party Girl" across the butt. "Here ya go, Haz. We'll wait for ya." I went and sat back down beside Niall and we all waited for Harry to come back out. Once he did, he just sat down beside me. He didn't look different at all. "Okay, so Louis, truth or dare?" Louis started laughing again, but sputtered out, "Dare!" between laughs. "Okay.. I dare you to.. switch clothes with Niall." Niall looked at Louis and they both got up and walked towards the back. It was all awkward right now with nobody talking. They both came back a few minutes later. Niall had been wearing khakis and a Jack Wills tee, but now he was wearing sweatpants and a smiley face shirt. And I'm guessing you can tell what Louis wwas now wearing. I leaned into Niall and took his hand in mine. Since Louis had already gone, Niall decided to go ahead and go. "Spencer, truth or dare?" Spencer was staring at me, but then, I'm guessing, looked at Ni. "Truth." He said, smirking. "Ooh, second truth of the day. Well, Is it true you flirted with Emma on the flight here?" Woah, wasn't expecting that to come out of Ni's mouth. He had never really been the jealous type, but maybe he just felt a little insecure with Spencer here. "It's true," Spencer said with no shame at all. He just stared at Niall and me. I was starting to feel a little creeped out with Spencer here. "Well, Zayn, truth or dare?" Zayn looked at him and said, "Truth."

Spencer looked at me then Zayn. "Do you think of Emma as a little sister or more?" Zayn looked a little shocked about the question, but not much. "I think of her as a little sister because she's Liam's little sister. Speaking of Liam, truth or dare?" Zayn asked him, just jumping into the question. Liam usually picked truth instead of dare. "Truth." Zayn nodded and said, " Has Emma ever asked you for advice about boys?" Before Liam could answer though, I leaned up and just butted in, "Is this "Ask everybody about Emma" day?" I slumped back down into Niall's arms as most of the boys laughed at me. "No, love, we're just having a bit of fun," Harry said, putting a hand on my arm. I shrugged it off and stood up to go back to Ni's bunk. I reached into my suitcase and pulled out some markers and colored pencils. I started to draw random lines and such while the boys continued on with truth or dare. Then out of nowhere, Niall comes up to the bunk and asks me, "Uh..Emma..I was dared to wear a pair of your..panties.." He flushes with embarrassment and I giggle just a bit. I lean up and wrap my arms around his neck. "Well, I guess our lucky, baby. You get to pick which ones you want to wear." I giggled and hopped out of his bunk and down to were my suitcase was. I opened it up and watched him grab the first pair of panties he could find. I watched him go into the bathroom, then crawled back into his bunk. I put away the drawing pad and everything, then took out my iPhone. I took a picture of the boys and tagged everyone in it.

@PrincessEm: Look at the boys! Two are wearing my panties, HA! @Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @zaynmalik1d

I recieved a lot of retweets and mentions, but I only paid attention to two certian ones.

@Harry_Styles: @PrincessEm They're a bit uncomfortable, love. Half my butt is out of these things.

@NiallOfficial: @PrincessEm Babe, I luv you but only your undies are for you not me or @Harry_Styles

Oh, dear. I love my boyfriend and bestfriend.

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