They Don't Know About Us

Emma Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Yes, THE Liam Payne from One Direction. Emma usually tours with the boys during the summer, but now that she's eighteen, she can finally go on a full tour with them. Emma and Niall are currently together, but Harry has developed feelings for Ms. Emma Payne. Along the way, Paul's son, Spencer, tags along for the tour. Will he develop felings for Ms. Emma Payne? Will there be a love triangle? Read and find out for yourself, my love.


7. **Author's Note**

So, here's my first author's note and I wanted to thank you all for the likes, comments, and favorites! And don't be shy to comment your opinion or like up my fanfic. I really love to hear your opinions about the story especially when's there are big decisions. I also wanted to tell you about my Christmas wish. I would love for one or both of my fanfics to get as least 50 favorites and maybe 100 likes. Please? It would make my day!! Well don't forget to comment your opinions!! Love you all my lovelies!! xxxx ~Kate

Oh and p.s. I'll be starting a new fanfic in maybe a few weeks or so and will hopefully be posting a new chapter of "They Don't Know About Us" this week!!

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