They Don't Know About Us

Emma Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Yes, THE Liam Payne from One Direction. Emma usually tours with the boys during the summer, but now that she's eighteen, she can finally go on a full tour with them. Emma and Niall are currently together, but Harry has developed feelings for Ms. Emma Payne. Along the way, Paul's son, Spencer, tags along for the tour. Will he develop felings for Ms. Emma Payne? Will there be a love triangle? Read and find out for yourself, my love.


1. Breakfast

Emma's P.O.V.

I wake up to Niall singing his solo from "Little Things". That, is by far, the best way to wake up. He stopped playing his guitar when he saw my eyes flutter open. "Good Morning, Princess. Liam's made pancakes for us all." Niall leaned over me and kissed my forehead. "I'll meet you guys downstairs," I said to him, throwing the covers off of my body. I rolled out of my bed as Niall left my room. I walked to the bathroom and stripped out of my clothes and jumped into the shower, savoring the warm water. After ten minutes in the shower, I heard somebody banging on the door. I guess I should probably get out now, I thought to myself as I tunred off the water. "Hold your horses!" I yelled to the person who banged on the bathroom door. I wrapped a towel around myself, grabbed my pajamas and opened the bathroom door to find Harry standing there. "Morning, Harry," I said, walking past him. I could feel his eyes on me, but I ignored it and kept walking to my room. "Morning, Em!" I heard him yell back as I closed my bedroom door to change. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt that read "I <3 Irish Boys". How ironic right? I slipped on some socks, so I could slide around in the kitchen. Oh, how I loved to slide around on tile floors.

I walked downstairs, not bothering to mess with my blonde hair. These boys had seen me at my best and worst, so I didn't really care. I took a running start from our carpeted living room and started sliding into the kitchen. I ran right into Niall and landed ontop of him. "I should've seen this coming," he said in his adorbale Irish accent, before he chuckled. I giggled and climbed off of him and offered my hand to help him up. He took my hand and I pulled him up. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and smiled, getting a plate and putting three pancakes on it. I pratically drowned them in syrup and a little bit of butter. I set my plate down on one the counters and hopped up on the counter right beside my plate. Liam was still cooking some pancakes for himself since Niall had sneaked his right out from under his nose. I cut into my pancakes and took a bite as soon as Louis ran in and screamed, "Morning, Emmabear!!" I giggled and swallowed my pancakes. "Morning Louisbear!!" I screamed back at him. He ran up and hugged me, then went to get his pancakes. Niall walked over to me and stood next to me, leaning against the counter, eyeing my pancakes. "Niall James Horan, if you even try to take my pancakes, I will bite your fingers off," I tried to say threateningly, but every one of the boys started laughing at me like what I said was funny. "It's not funny! I will!" I set my empty plate down on the counter and frowned, crossing my arms. Niall looked over at me and stopped laughing, "Princess, I know you weren't kidding." He reached up and kissed my lips and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled back and whispered into my ear, "I love you, Emma." I smiled and kissed his nose, "I love you too, Niall."

Then Harry coughed and ruined the moment. "Guys, Paul called and said the van is outside to take us to the airport. We have to be out of here in five minutes," He said, setting his suitcase on the floor. I totally forgot that today's the day we were leaving for the tour today. I looked back at Niall and smiled. "Help me, please?" He nodded and helped me off the counter. We went upstairs to my room and I went to my bathroom to get my toiletry bag. I went to my room to see Niall holding a pair of my panties. "Like what you see, Horan?" I giggled as he dropped the panties back into my suitcase. His cheeks were flushed. I kissed his cheek and zipped up my suitcase. "C'mon let's go, Ni." He took my suitcase and his then followed me down the stairs out to the van that was taking us to the airport. I was squeezed in between Niall and Liam. Niall held my hand, while I laid my head down on his shoulder. This was going to be a fun tour.

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