Your Eyes, Irresistible.

Genevieve Button. A 15-year-old girl, living with her parents & bestfriend, Darcey Stuart(15 also). Living on the quiet side of the city, they didn't expect what was moving into the house across from them; five crazy, exotic boys.

Genevieve & Darcey had been bestfriends for 10 years & Darcey had moved in with them 3 years ago when her parents died in a car crash. Genevieve & Darcey were also in the car when it happened, but they survived. They survived but they were scarred for life;

Genevieve lost her sight that night.

Genevieve thought no one would accept her, much less fall in love with her... & she definitely never imagined that two of them ever would.


2. July 8th; Dinner

*After coming home from the beach*

"Gen, you ready to come out?" I asked getting more & more nervous.

"Yeah, can you hand me my towel?" I gave her her pink & purple polka-dotted towel, smiling at her voice. It was truly beautiful; like Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande. She wanted to be a singer before the accident, but now she couldn't even take a shower without needing assistance.

Anyways, I got into the shower after helping her sit on the bed. I stood under the shower head, just looking at what could go wrong tonight. They could make fun of her for not being able to see, I grabbed the shampoo. They could make fun of me for looking bad, I took some out on my hand.

"Darcey, are you almost done?" Gen yelled from outside, pushing the horrid thoughts out of my head.

"Almost, I'm almost done shampooing! Be right out!" I yelled back, realizing that the shampoo was dripping out of my hands.

I quickly massaged it into my hair, closing my eyes & taking in the wonderous smell of 'Garnier Fructis'. I then rinsed it out, got my Dove soap & made myself smell good. Lastly, I shaved my legs, the worst part. There were still marks & cuts that went deep into my skin that wouldn't go away. Then there were the cuts that I had made myself.... Anyways


I got out of the shower & changed into skinny jeans & a green t-shirt. Then, I helped Genevie into a gorgeous blue dress with pink, purple, green & orange colored flowers on it. I curled her hair & did her make up too.

"Done" I smiled at her, taking in her beauty.

"How do I look?" She said, feeling her hair & dress.

"Perfect" I smiled.

"Thanks Darce, you're awesome" She laughed, pulling me into a warm hug.

Mom came in & smiled, but started frowning. She looked at me concerned, "Why aren't you wearing a dress? Both of you should look equally as pretty for our guests!"

She opened our closet & took out a yellow dress with odd orange shapes on it & made me change into it. She then made my hair wavy & did my make up.

I had to admit, Mom could make anyone look & feel pretty... even me.

She saw my cuts, frowned but tried to hide it with a plastered smile.. She knew I had scars from the accident but she didn't know what was happening now..

After some final touchups, I grabbed Gen's hand & Mom's, & we walked downstairs.

Dad turned around from the stove & a smile came upon his face. He got almost teary-eyed & hugged all three of us, squishing us together.

"Dad.. we.. can't.. breathe" I laughed, as he let go.

"Haha, they should be here any-", he was cut off by the doorbell.

"They're here!" He smiled & motioned for Gen & me to answer the door.

I sighed, guiding Gen to the door. I pushed a fake smile on my face, tried pulling my dress as low as it would go down my legs & opened the door. There stood five boys, each glowing with excitement. My heart suddenly skipped a beat & my stomach went in knots.

"Hi" & "Hey" they each smiled. Wow, they were even more gorgeous up close.
"Hi" Gen smiled, looking as pretty as ever. No doubt they were all in love with her.

"Can we come inside haha?" The blonde one blushed, looking at me.

"Oh.. um.. yeah, sure" I turned bright red & hurriedly took them to the dining room, not looking at them.

"Boys, welcome to our home!" Mom & Dad smiled, hugging all of them.

They sat them down on our dinner table. Gen & me were already sitting, like we always did, across from Mom & Dad. There were ten seats in total, leaving one empty, but Dad removed that one to make more room.

We sat in this order: Mom, then Dad, then the one with the dark Justin Bieber hair who looked like a puppy, apparently named Liam, then the blonde one, named Niall, me, Gen, the curly haired one, named Harry, the other Justin Bieber, named Louis, & then the tan one, named Zayn.

Why did he insist on making our lives harder?

***Gen's POV***

It was the middle of dinner & the boys & our parents were as chatty as ever. I wish I could see them all, the smiles that filled the room.

Suddenly, the one next to me named "Harry", said "Genevieve, can you pass me that please?"

I turned away from him, towards Darcey, trying to ask her to give it to him but she was in the kitchen, getting something.

I could feel the tension in the room growing, as he asked again, quieter, trying to make it less attention-prone. My heart was racing, I was getting frustrated & then everything that happened that night came back. It flashed before me, Darcey's parents, my eyes, her legs, everything. I couldn't take it anymore. I was speechless, ready to explode.

"Genevieve...?" Harry said sweetly, not knowing why I was behaving like this..

"I can't" I whispered, choking back tears. But it happened, the tear escaped. & another followed after that, & then another & another & anorher until I was running away from the table, trying to get away from anything & everything.






Author's Note: Okay, I know I haven't updated at all & it's because I have really long chapters & they take time to write, revise & post... I also had writer's block, but bear with me. I'll write whenever I have time & I'm either going to be writing long chapter that take five or six days or short chapters that take like two days, comment & tell me which one is better! I also have alot of stuff that keeps me pretty busy & it's hard to post when I have so much homework, orchestra, etc. Please fan, fave & like. Also, could you please check out my other fanfic (I'm in the middle of starting another one btw)? It would mean the world!<3 If I don't get feedback, I'm probably gonna either delete or stop posting this movella because there isn't a point in writing if no one is reading it you know? But yeah, please please please comment, fave, like & fan. Please bear with me if & when I have writer's block & I'll keep posting as fast as possible<3

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