Your Eyes, Irresistible.

Genevieve Button. A 15-year-old girl, living with her parents & bestfriend, Darcey Stuart(15 also). Living on the quiet side of the city, they didn't expect what was moving into the house across from them; five crazy, exotic boys.

Genevieve & Darcey had been bestfriends for 10 years & Darcey had moved in with them 3 years ago when her parents died in a car crash. Genevieve & Darcey were also in the car when it happened, but they survived. They survived but they were scarred for life;

Genevieve lost her sight that night.

Genevieve thought no one would accept her, much less fall in love with her... & she definitely never imagined that two of them ever would.


1. July 8th; Company By The Water

Darcey's POV:



I opened one eye lazily, slowly getting up.

Genevieve was already awake; she was sitting right up, smiling & trying to find where the phone was.

I smiled because she was.

"Here Genevieve" I said, handing her the phone after answering it.

It was her mom, who I also called 'mom' now. She was calling to make sure we would be ready in time.

We were going to the beach at 10; it was 7. But Mom has always been that way, she loves to be early.

After Gennevie (I call her that alot) was done talking to Mom, I turned the phone off & helped her into the shower. I helped her with everything as her sight was gone & now I was basically her sight. We were closer than ever since the car crash, I think more than sisters.

Anyways, she showered quickly & I helped her brush. She sat down while I did the same for myself & then I got our clothes out. She was going to wear a bikini, as she looked good in one. She looked good in anything & everything. It was a Genevie thing that I was really very jealous of. Unlike her, I was ugly with scars all over. For those reasons & my body shape, I wore shorts & a t-shirt (that was actually very rare for me).

I didn't really do our hair, I just made her's curly-ish & left mine alone (it was already curly) & then I put one hair tie on her wrist & one on mine for later.

I took her hand, pulling her up. Then I guided her down the stairs, Mom gasping at us

"Don't you both look gorgeous!" She smiled her perfect-mom smile.

"Thanks Mom" We both said in unison, hugging her. Genevie did, not me though.

We ate breakfast, talking about how much fun today was going to be.You would think we wouldn't be so excited for the beach because we lived a block away from it, but figures. We hardly ever go; sometimes it's because of work, or the weather or just because Genevie or me don't want to even leave our room.

Any who, we left at around 8:45 because the sun was out, the weather was perfect & everyone was in the mood.

We each had a towel in our hands & alot of sunscreen.

As we walked, our flipflops made noises on the ground & even though that is usually annoying, it was the best sound in the world.

Genevie & I passed the creepy, abandoned house that no one had lived in in over twenty years & we made our pace faster, getting shivers.

We soon realized Mom & Dad weren't behind us anymore, so we both turned.

They were standing there talking to three strangers like they were bestfriends! Then two more came out & started talking to them too.

"What do you see?" Gen whispered. Times like this I felt so bad for her; she deserved to see. I couldn't even imagine not being able to see.

"They're standing in front of the creepy house with five boys. Two just came out of the front door. Farthest right is a almost-orange color boy. He's wearing a striped shirt with capris & toms. He has Justin Bieber hair, but darker & he talks alot. The one on his left is taller than him & has weird curly hair. He smiles alot & he isn't talking alot. He's wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans & converse. His hair is brown & his skin is light. The one on his left is the only blonde one & he has braces. His hair is messy. He's wearing a white t-shirt but it has a design I can't make out on it. He's wearing light blue jeans & Nike's. He laughs alot & is lighter than the curly haired one. He's also the shortest out of all five. The one next to him is taller than I think all of them & he also had Justin Bieber hair, but it's alittle lighter. He's wearing a tight t-shirt & he works out. He's wearing dark blue skinny jeans & converse too. He's tan but medium tan. He's getting on with Dad really well haha. The last one is olive skinned & he's shy too. He has a quiff & his hair is black. His shirt is blue & his pants are grey-ish. He's wearing Nike's too."

"Wow, they seem cute" She smiles. It kills me because she doesn't know for sure.

"They are" I tell her, trying to picture how she sees them.

We start walking again, away from them to the beach. In the backround you can hear Mom talking:

"Those were our two daughters, Genevieve & Darcey! They're alittle shy, but you just gotta get to know them!" She smiles & laughs, her trademark for when she's really really happy. There is definitely something about those boys that she really likes & we're going to have to hear about how we should get out & talk to them.

"How about you boys come over for dinner tonight?" She says.

"Sure" "Yeah!" They say or something on the lines of that.

Oh great! How we love company.. not.

But atleast Dad isn't very impressed by them.. please stay like that.

Genevie & me get to the beach, lay down our towels next to eachother's, tie our hair & run to the water..

Mom & Dad are walking to us, closer than I thought they would be.

You can see the five boys in the backround, waving to us.

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