The Twist of Fate

*For the cross over competition* It is hunger games and Twilight mixed both really popular and amazing. This is what I think would happened if Katniss Everdeen moved to forks and met the Cullen's. She get's mixed into the supernatural world and everything she thought was a story is not. She finds the reaping a marshmallow compared to the world she is entered to, it's the fight for her life again.


2. Bella P.O.V

I watched the girl Katniss cry, tears dripped from her eyes, she kept whispering Prim oh Prim. I wonder who Prim is, she looks so upset. She kinda looks like me, not the now vampire me but as Bella Swan. I wanted to comfort her, but Alice glared at me, a look that told me not to interfere.

"Miss Everdeen, would you please go outside and cry somewhere else" Mr. Mason asked rudely. I glared at Mr. Mason, he was such a grumpy teacher, so heartless, so cold and I was the vampire.

"Can I take Katniss outside" I enquired.

"Fine whatever" Mr. Mason grumbled  I took Katniss warm hand, her blood pounded, I shook my head. We walked outside, she kept crying.

"Are you ok?" I asked concerned.

"Yeah" she lied, wiping her tears.

"Whose Prim?" I mumbled curiously.

"My sister" Katniss murmured.

"Is she" I began to say.

"Yes she's dead" Katniss whispered, then began to cry. I watched her cry, I had heard of Katniss before, she was the brave warrior who had won in the reaping  No one told me that she was a girl too, I always imagined her as a soldier, but inside she's so fragile.

"I'm sorry" I whispered, patting her back. She turned around and nearly tripped, I catched her before she fell. She was a bit clumsy too, kind of like me.

"Thanks" Katniss exclaimed.

"Your welcome" I replied.

"I'm sorry" Katniss apologised.

"What for" I asked.

"Talking about me, my personal life, distracting you from lesson" Katniss apologised.

"Trust me, Mr. Mason repeats the same thing every time, no one really get's anything he says, he's a old grump" I murmured  Katniss began laughing, I watched her cheeks go red, something I missed so much. I forgot how it felt to be so human, so alive, I kind of envied her.

"Come on, let's go before he comes to see, what were doing" I told her. We walked into the class, I walked behind her.

"All better" Mr. Mason exclaimed. Katniss nodded her head, then took her seat. I took my seat beside Edward.

"What was that about" Edward asked, his eyes concentrating, I could see he was trying to read my mind. But he couldn't, I was the only person he couldn't read.

"She had some personal problems and needed a friend" I whispered. My eyes met Alice, she shook her head silently  I watched her with confusion, why was Alice behaving this way? I was going to ask her when Mr. Mason called me.

"Bella, what have I been saying for the past hour" Mr. Mason ordered. Suddenly the bell rang, saved by the bell I thought. 

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