The Twist of Fate

*For the cross over competition* It is hunger games and Twilight mixed both really popular and amazing. This is what I think would happened if Katniss Everdeen moved to forks and met the Cullen's. She get's mixed into the supernatural world and everything she thought was a story is not. She finds the reaping a marshmallow compared to the world she is entered to, it's the fight for her life again.


3. Alice P.O.V

We walk into the canteen, we sit on our regular table and in our regular seats, the new girl takes a seat and plops beside me, I frown in disgust. I stood up, shoved my chair away from the new girl, as far away as possible.

"Alice" Edward spatted out.

I look at him, his honey gold eyes pierce into me. Bella glanced at me, her eyes were saying what are you doing? I nibbled on my apple silently  pushing my thoughts away, I couldn't let Edward or anyone know what I had seen, it was so terrible. I felt someone was watching me, I slowly turned my head up and my eyes locked onto the new girl, Katniss I think. She was staring at me in disgust, who did she think she was? she had no right to glare at me, invading my personal life. My family's life was way more important then her's, I couldn't let them get hurt, the future had to be changed. The new girl's eyes never left my face, I held my arm tightly, trying not to punch her, she smirked at me, that did it.

"What" I shouted angrily. I could see everyone looking at me, thinking what was going on? Why was Alice Cullen shouting, she barely even spoke, they guessed wrong. Some people were guys who had asked me out but I've rejected them, or girl's who were jealous of my beauty. They wouldn't be jealous, if they knew how much I had to sacrifice.

"What is wrong with you Alice, you've been moody the whole day, and you've been nasty to poor Katniss, what is your problem, if you have anything wrong with any of us, you should go" Edward yelled. Everyone stared us, mouth open the most lovable siblings were having an argument. I couldn't believe Edward, they had all chosen Katniss over me, how could they? I looked at Bella but saw she was going to say the same thing as Edward.

"Fine, I'll leave you alone" I cried, tears falling from my eyes. I run out in pain, I run out of the canteen and bump into someone, I turn to say sorry then my eyes meet a boy with sapphire blue eyes.

"are you ok" the sapphire blue eyed asked. I could see he was looking out for me, he cared more about me, then about my family who I thought loved me.

"I'm Fine, are you new" I enquired curiously.

Yeah, is it obvious" the sapphire blue boy mumbled embarrassed.

"Nope, are you lost" I asked.

"I guess so, I'm Ash" the sapphire blue eyed boy murmured.

"Alice" I replied politely.

"Do you know where room 4 is?" Ash whispered. I looked at him, he was kinda cute, and helpful. Jasper would choose her side too, they all would. I was a free girl and needed some fun in my life. I twirled a strand of my hair and tried to flirt.

"Down the corridor, left, the room with a winnie the pooh sticker on it, you won't miss it, tell Ms.Wood that winnie is awesome to get on her good side" I reminded.

"Thanks and got it" Ash exclaimed, walking through the corridor. My phone began to ring, it was Jasper. I clicked on ignore, then shoved my phone in my bag.

"The pleasure is all mine" I chuckled walking out, I now had everything to complete my mission, I was going to change the future.

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