Jump In The Deep End

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"Amber, nothing will be different between us." Louis said as we stood in line for his audition.

I smiled back hesitantly. "You're sure?" I asked him. "You won't forget about me when you're famous?"

"I could never forget about you. I promise." He said, flashing a grin at me.

Amber Michaels is just a normal girl. Her best friend, however, is NOT just a normal guy. He's Louis Tomlinson, from the infamous boyband, One Direction.

They have been best friends for years, and have gone through so much together. Through Louis' auditions for the X-Factor, to his recent break-up with longtime girlfriend, Eleanor, they talked every day. But, they had one problem:

The other four members of the band knew nothing about her. This makes it difficult for them to talk every day. Somehow, they manage.

One day, however, the boys discover their secret, and insist that Amber goes on vacation with them for the summer, and madness breaks loose.


2. Wigs and Ice Cream

From Louis:

Hey! i'm on my way.


I started to reply, but got another message.


From Louis:

I'm wearing a blonde wig, a dress, and Chanel sunglasses. HAHA x :)


Then, another.


From Louis:

The wig looks fabulous. But it's itchy.


I giggle. Then, I get another text.


From Louis

I'm on my way up. If a fabulous looking stranger knocks on your door ANSWER! x :)


I heard a knock on my door, and ran to get it. I opened the door, and , as promised, a tall, blonde 'stranger' wearing a striped dress and expensive looking sunglasses was standing on the other side.

Louis stepped into my flat, and I closed the door. He took off the sunglasses and wig. I threw my arms around his neck and he chuckled as he put his around my waist.

"I missed you!" He shouted in my ear.

I laughed and shouted back. "I missed you, too!"

"Fun fact!" He said, stepping back. "I wore the disguise from the minute I stepped out of the hotel this morning until now."

I grinned stupidly at my best friend. "You would." I scoffed playfully.

He laughed. "You know, it's great to see you, and all, but do you have somewhere I can change?"

I smiled, and pointed down the hall. "Second door on the..." I looked, figuring out what side the door was on. "Left." I told him, and he chuckled.

"Still having trouble with your lefts and rights, are we?" He teased me as he took his man purse and sashayed to the bathroom.

I sat down on the couch and flipped on the tv. I must of flipped through half the channels before someone flicked my head and sat down next to me.

I glared at him jokingly, and he laughed. I went back to flipping, and he randomly dove over my lap, snatched the remote, and moved back to his spot.

I stared at him, then said, "Since when are you a ninja?" I asked him, and he rolled his eyes and smiled.

He flipped through the channels, and I looked over at him.

He had gotten a lot more muscular since the last time I'd seen him. His eyes were still the same shade of deep blue-green, and his smile was as bright as ever. He had lost some of the baby fat in his face, and his jaw had become a little more pronounced.

I smiled to myself. Had I been any other girl, I probably would have been freaking out that Louis Tomlinson was in my flat. But, he was my best friend, and it felt like he'd never left.

He turned off the tv. "There's nothing on!" He complained.

I laughed. "Then go put in a dvd." I told him.

His eyes lit up. "Ooh, where are they?"

I pointed to the cabinets beside the tv.

He hadn't changed at all since we met. He was still the same hilarious, ridiculous, lovable kid he was when he was ten.

He picked out a dvd and put it in. He came back and sat down beside me, putting his arm around me.

"Nice to see you again, Berry." He said near my ear.

I turned to glare at him playfully. "You know I hate that name." I said.

"Of course!" He said with wide eyes. "Otherwise, I'd never insist on calling you that!"

I smacked the back of his head.

"Ow," He pouted.

"Shut up." I laughed, as the credits for Men In Black came on. I groaned. "We must have watched this a million times when we were kids." I told him. "And you STILL feel the need to wat-"

He cut me off by putting a hand over my mouth. I frowned at him, and bit his hand.

"You BIT me!" He said, chuckling.

"What?" I asked innocently. "I did no such thing!"

He narrowed his eyes and pointed a finger at me. "I'm watching you, Berry."

I pouted and settled in for the movie.




"WAKE UP, AMBER!" Louis' voice said in my ear.

I glared at him. "I wasn't even sleeping!"

He smiled like the five year old he was. "I know."

"Well then, why... Nevermind." I told him, smiling at the familiarity of his weirdness. "Anyway," I told him. "You might want to put your wig back on. We're going out for ice cream."

He jumped up and ran off. He returned a minute later in his dress, wig, and glasses.

"Call me Susan, today." He said, bouncing on his toes. He was obviously excited.

"Okay, Susan." I laughed.

"I haven't ha-" He stopped, then started again in a higher voice. "I haven't had ice cream in ages!" He said.

I gasped and looked at him mock-horrified. "Why not?" I asked, already knowing why.

He frowned. "Liam won't let me. He says it makes me too hyperactive. Which is just CRAZY." He told me.

I rolled my eyes. "Obviously." He grinned at me, and I grinned back.

"You know, you look great. Even more fabulous than last time I saw you." He said in Susan's voice as we got in my car.

I rolled my eyes. "Gee, thanks, Susan." I said sarcastically.

He turned to me and said in his real voice. "I'm serious." He smiled. "You look good."

I blushed and looked away.

"Ah, THERE it is!" He said, referring to the blush. "I had started to wonder if it had disappeared on me!"

"Nope." I told him. "I wish."

He patted my shoulder. "There, there, dear." He said, using Susan's voice.

I laughed.




"I'm knackered." Louis said as we stepped back into my flat later that night. "And, my head itches." He frowned, pulling the horrid blonde wig off of his head.

"Where are you staying tonight?" I asked him.

"Er, well..." He started, running his hand through his hair. "I got so excited about coming here that I, um, forgot to book a hotel room, and, uh, Harry has my key to our flat..."

I smiled. "No problem. You can stay here."

He grinned, then pulled me in for a hug. "Thanks, Amber." He stepped away. "It'll be just like old times!" He laughed.

We looked at each other, and simultaniously yelled, "SLEEPOVER!"

He ran to the kitchen to get food, and I went into my room. I grabbed all nine of my pillows (yes, nine.) and my four blankets (yes, four). I had a bad habit of collecting pillows and blankets. Oh, well.

I dragged them out to the living room and set up a bed on the floor.

I put in Insidious, and Louis came back with a bowl of popcorn, barbeque potato chips, and a six-pack of Coke.

I grinned up at him from my spot on the floor, and he put the food on the floor beside the blankets. He dove over my legs, so that he was lying across me. His face was buried in the blanket, and he asked, "What're we watching." It sounded like, "Hwuaarr ee rrhahhinnn?" I laughed.


He grinned. "Good."

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