Paranormal love

This girl( Tara ) is different from other girls Tara can see the dead and speak to them but when she meets one direction her life. Changes ghosts hate her her life is gone ...what will 1D do to help ? What will happen to her? Will she fall in love ? Find out when you read paranormal love !


6. Tap touch gone....

Tara's POV
I was in bed I DIDENT go to school because Emma kept me home when I tried to go she would scratch my back so I just stayed at home and was a couch potato later in the day I got a knock on the door it was Harry I hugged him tight I noticed he was crying before I asked "what's wrong?" he just smiled an said I missed u !......... I looked at Emma behind me she got mad and zoomed through me I discided to tell Harry this could get too far ....
Harry's POV
I wa with Tara and I took her to my house she took me into my bedroom and told me about her ghost life I agreed to only tell the boys and yes I beloved her why wouldent I she's a really good student/person so I did she's not a liar I told the boys they agreed and beloved to I was glad they did or that would be a fight now that she told me about that she's been acting more normal but has her days one day she totally freaked out crying and on the floor trying to calm down she looked like she was haveing a stroke ! I ran to her she grabbed her neck an gasped for air Niall called 911 I sat holding her trying to keep her awake I couldent do anything about it if it was a ghost their is no way I can stop it. It has nő flesh!
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