Paranormal love

This girl( Tara ) is different from other girls Tara can see the dead and speak to them but when she meets one direction her life. Changes ghosts hate her her life is gone ...what will 1D do to help ? What will happen to her? Will she fall in love ? Find out when you read paranormal love !


5. Spill it

Taras POV
I got wide eyed when Louis said "hazza I dare u to..." he sat an thought I looked at Emma she told me that he was thinking about Harry confessing a secret that moment Louis said Harry tell us a secret u keep from Tara . . . I bout died when he said " I have a crush on ....her" his voice traveled off as he said it I blushed and said I do to!
Louis POV
She always acted strange but we ignored it until one day she talks to herself then started to fight with somthing and she fell to the ground crying! Harry rushed over só did null an i liam and zayn were out shopping she said she couldnt breathe Harry pushed her stomac . That did the Trick an she hugged us when she got up off the ground mostly Harry though of course!
Harry's POV
I was planning to ask her out but she's now been saying she's always busy no clue why since she couldent breathe she's been acting up an hadent seen us in 2 weeks. Mabe It's scaring me my heart is torn idk what is going on with her but I hope she's okay !
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