Paranormal love

This girl( Tara ) is different from other girls Tara can see the dead and speak to them but when she meets one direction her life. Changes ghosts hate her her life is gone ...what will 1D do to help ? What will happen to her? Will she fall in love ? Find out when you read paranormal love !


2. Paranormal activity

Tara's POV
I left the school I DIDENT go home cause if I did I'd get sent back I walked around town talking to my paranormal friends and they made me laugh some were nice and some were just really rude but most of all they are my friends since I'm the only one who can see them but sometimes I like to be only one I see them cause when I do I feel special I fell liked and different but somtimes like in school when they embaresse me I get sad and lonly plus mad at them but I geuss there my only friends now I can't get over that boys beautiful BRITSH accent it was ADORIBLE wait what am I saying I shouldent like him he hates me most likely
Harry POV
I can't belive she got so embarrassed I thought she did it because she was not afraid but she is I've been told she's weird and crazy that she laughs at nothing an talks to herself I don't belive someone so pretty could be weird I don't belive she's weird she may do that but she must have a reason it does seem weird that she does It an seems that there's really no answer to why but if u think about talking to them about it they acctully come up with a really good reason why !
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