Paranormal love

This girl( Tara ) is different from other girls Tara can see the dead and speak to them but when she meets one direction her life. Changes ghosts hate her her life is gone ...what will 1D do to help ? What will happen to her? Will she fall in love ? Find out when you read paranormal love !


1. New girl

Tara's POV
I was new in this high school it was my first day as I walked in people stared at me I noticed there were SO CALLED popular girls my ghost friends walked with me angels hung around the kids at school I laughed at them being funny people thought I was CRAZY I was walking down the hall talking to a ghost when I ran into a popular we got into a word fight she called me bitch so my ghost friend (Emma) told me what to say people surrounded us these five boys were all in I wanted to make an impression so Emma told me to say " I'd slap u right now but that would be animal abuse "! The popular girl (Trisha) just rolled her eyes and walked away I winked at Emma which was in front of those boys and they started to laugh I noticed what it looked like I got all red and ran away I heard one yelling come back in a British tone they were popular boys but I DIDENT stop
Harry's POV
Omg this new girl in school I think her name was Tara she got in a fight with Trisha and wow she fought good but winked at us after she turned red an ran I told her wait but she kept running I felt so bad she was so embaressed :( I wanted to try and find her but the boys bring me back to class ! After class I looked for her she wasent their Louis my mate said mabe she left school hazza I frownd and said I hope not ;(
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