Paranormal love

This girl( Tara ) is different from other girls Tara can see the dead and speak to them but when she meets one direction her life. Changes ghosts hate her her life is gone ...what will 1D do to help ? What will happen to her? Will she fall in love ? Find out when you read paranormal love !


3. met on the street

harrys pov

i was walking down the street when i heard somone talking i ignored it ....stupid idea because i bumped into tara she totally looked like she had seen a ghost but people say she clam she does see ghost so not the best thing to say ... i said oh hi ive been meaning to say hello but never have....! she said most people call me a freak and walk away why do u stand there and talk to me like im normal ?????

taras pov

harry styles! bumped into....ME!!!!!1 i cant belive it and he dident even call me a freak ! wow i like him hes nice he asked me to sit by them at lunch i usally sit on the floor by a wall i dont dare try and sit with others but now i just got invited to BEST DAY EVER !!!!!!!

nialls pov

i wonder were that boy went he went for a walk down a street it really takes him 3 hours to walk on a sidewalk i went out to look for him and found him chating with the winking girl ! i smiled and said got some more winks for me ?! and she frowned and started walking away harry gave me a dirty look and grabbed her arm he said its okay were playing nothing to be embarressed of i said im sorry i dident mean to upset u just playing around normal boys do that harry nuged my stomac with his elbow he asked her to come to our place she agreed and we started to walk back....

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