Those little things !

My best friend Rosie is moving to england and me and my boyfriend louis are about to have twins !! the wedings in less then a week ! what could be better !! im going to finish school and move to england permently


2. awoken

 Rosie's POV: it has been almost a week sense Lea has been in a coma, and Louis never left her side. we couldn't get him to eat for 2 days and when we did it was only a coupe bites of soup !  me and Louis were bed side one day when the doctor came in and said ''if she wakes up she could have memorie loss witch brought is to tears. But inside I new that every thing would be ok .... Leas mum was taking care of the kids well me and Lou were  at the hospital all the time I left when I had to go to my job. The boys cancled 5their concerts so Lou could be with Lea .





Hazza and Noah wee healthy and loved when we sung to them they always had giant smiles on there faces  . I just wanted to pinch there cheeks they were so cute. I really love them even though they kept me up all night !






Louis POV: Lea has been in a coma for whatg seems like forever im scared she will not wake up in tie for are wedding I haven't let go of her hand sense she fell into the coma the doctors said she could her me so I always told her about my day and what every one else was doing . I missed here voice I would do anything just to here her speak. I loved to talk to here even though she couldn't hear me .





Lea's POV : I was in a coma  and Louis was holding my hand ever sense he would talk to me and I loved it ! Sometimes my mom would come with the twins I never saw them but I bet there very handsome I was trying to wake up I wanted to so bad that's when I saw a bright white light and figures




Rosie's POV: Me and Louis were screaming for the doctors when we saw her eyes open she said ho and walked in to the bathroom how casual the doctors said she was strong enough to go home we packed up our stuff and headed home we told every one to meet us at Louis and Liams flat at 5 so we could all catch up at dinner

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