Those little things !

My best friend Rosie is moving to england and me and my boyfriend louis are about to have twins !! the wedings in less then a week ! what could be better !! im going to finish school and move to england permently


1. How it stared

Lea's POV:



            "I've always loved you . You know ,Your my best friend and my boyfriend ." I said to Lou as we were watching the Note book. 'I love you Boo bear !' 'I love you too swwet pea!' We met in a bakery last  year when i was in 11th  grade when i couldnt reach the pickles haha dont ask why there where pickles in the bakery !




                                               A LITTLE ABOUT MY FRIENDS


My best friemds were Lou and Rosie . Lou had a amzing sining voice, well i guess thats why he's in ONE DIRECTION !!!!!!!!!!   Now for Rosie we became friends in the 7 th grade when I wn=ent to her school but I moved over the summer to England but we stayed close ! Now we were both in the 12th about to gradutrate





            Lou's POV: 


It was Thanksgiving we ate out  and when we were going to get pie Lea's water broke ! we were rushing to the hospital  . When we got there every one was in the waiting room exept Les and I when we got the New's that they were boy's and there names were Hazza and Noah ! they were so cute but then ... I herd beeping i was scared she wasnt talking her eye's were closed she had fallen to a comma ..........


clif hanger haha wait till next sunday for the next chapter










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