Locked love

Harry and Melissa have been together for two years now when something unexpected happened. Harry had to go to prison and Melissa had to move away. What happens to their love when they can't see each other? Find out by reading! (^okay the story should be better than this let you think!x)


2. Matt.


Melissa’s POV
It was 16th of January, it has been exactly a month when I last heard from Harry. And there are still 3 months to go before the work experience period starts. I have planned the escape a little, but I can't completely finish my planning before I've seen the building. 

* * *
My parents are completely convinced that I am over Harry, if they only knew what is going on my mind. Because of that they have decided to ask their friends to join us for dinner, and of course they have an attractive son, who is the same age as I am. 

"Hello Juliette, it's so nice to see you again!" my mom greeted her friend in the hallway. 

"You must be Matt, am I right?" my mom continued and looked the boy who was taking his shoes off.

 "Yes, nice to meet you Mrs White", the young guy said politely as he shook my mother’s hand. Mom also greeted the father of the son, Roger also the husband of her friend Juliette. I was watching this whole episode from my door's gap. My room was next to the hallway, so I could see everything. Mom and the guests walked to the kitchen where my dad was finishing making the dinner. I heard them mumbling something before my mom shouted my name. 

"I'm coming, I'm coming", I shouted back. I took a quick look to the mirror before leaving my room. 
In the kitchen I happily greeted the guests before I sat down to the dinner table. It wasn't surprise I was sitting on the same side with Matt. Dad served the dinner for us, which was his special, tortilla lasagne. As we all were sitting around the table, my mom began talking.

"So Matt, are you going anywhere during the work experience period?" my mom asked curiously.

 "Yes, I was accepted to spend the three months in the Christchurch's hospital, so I'll be working with the children most of the time there", he explained proudly. I just rolled my eyes, he sounded like a dream guy in my parents' ears. 

"What about you Melissa, are you going anywhere?" Matt asked questioningly looking at me. I sighted, I wasn't really in the mood to talk about myself, but I didn't want to be rude so I just quickly answered him:

"Yes actually, I'm calling to the prison near Glasgow tomorrow and ask if I could attempt to be a guard for the three months." You should've seen my parents' faces, especially my mom's. She was looking me terrified and pointed me to the hallway, away from kitchen.

 "Excuse me, Melissa will you go to get the desert with me from the basement?" my mom said and stood up from the table, me following her. 
On the hallway she was looking at me, a bit mad but mostly disappointed.

"What are you talking about; you're not going to Glasgow! I thought you were over Harry already!" she shouted, but with a low voice.

 "Mom, I am. I'm not going there because of Harry, I want to experience something different and cool in my life. Besides, Matt seemed like a nice guy", I lied and poked my mom's side with my elbow. 

"Are you sure?" she asked. I nodded with a fake smile. She smiled back, believing every word I had said to her. We walked back to the kitchen after picking up the chocolate cake my mom had baked. 
After the dinner and the desert my mom wanted to ‘talk’ to with Juliette and Roger with my dad, which left me to be alone with Matt. Yes he was a nice guy and would be a perfect fiancé one day, but still I loved Harry, no one else. I talked for a while with Matt and we changed phone numbers too. 
Later that night when I was already ready to close my eyes I saw a bright light lighting up my room; it was my phone. I turned around in my bed and picked up the phone from the floor. I opened the message:
"Hey, I really had fun tonight and you really seem like a cool girl! Would you like to go out with me on Friday? Matt xx" 
I laid my phone back on the floor, never answering to Matt's message.


---Sorry the short chapter, I want to start a new chapter with new stuff, so yeah:)---

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