Locked love

Harry and Melissa have been together for two years now when something unexpected happened. Harry had to go to prison and Melissa had to move away. What happens to their love when they can't see each other? Find out by reading! (^okay the story should be better than this let you think!x)


1. Goodbyes.


Rainy, dark night of November. It's cold and slippery outside as I'm laying my head on my boyfriend's lap. I know this won't last long so I enjoy every second with him. I'm not taking my look away from his magical green eyes. He keeps playing with my shoulder high brown hair. He gently kisses my forehead, nose and lips. I don't want this moment to end, ever. We're not saying a word to each other, but the silence isn't awkward, it's perfect. I hear car parking to the yard of my boyfriend's house. Immediately a tear starts to fall down my cheek. He wipes it away with his thumb and tells me to stay strong.

 "This is not the last time we see, remember that! I will never forget you, I love you", he says one last time, kissing my lips before I'm drag away from him. I try to fight, but I know it won't help. I form 'I love you' with my lips to him right before my dad closes the car door. I look at him from the back window, standing on the porch waving to me, trying to smile. A tear after a tear are racing down my cheeks as we leave the yard. I sit in the back seat, quietly, not saying anything to my parents. I know we have a long road ahead of us and that's why I fall asleep, crying. 

* * *
Me, Melissa and Harry, my boyfriend, have been dating the past two years, and our love is strong, or at least it was. Harry has always been a good guy, never did anything bad to me or anyone else. But few weeks back he did something he can't get back, he beat someone, really badly. When he called me from the police car telling me what he had done I couldn't believe him. He told me it was only self-defence, but the other guy was now in the hospital and no one was sure if he was going to survive. As soon as my parents found out what he had done, they wanted me to get as far away from him as possible so they decided to move to other side of the country. They let me spend one last hour with him before they took me away from him. Harry had been in the court last week and because they weren't sure if the crime was beating or murder they decided to put him in the prison for 2 months first and later give him more time to serve in prison if needed. He was going to prison day after we saw last time. My parents told me to stay strong but I couldn't be bothered to listen to them. I somehow understood them, but I loved Harry a lot and still do. Harry will be going to prison near Glasgow, while I'm living in Bournemouth, almost 750 kilometres away from him. And the worst part in this is that I can't call him nor visit him in prison. I'm hoping the man in the hospital gets better so Harry doesn't have to serve more than 2 months, but of course my parents don't trust him anymore so it would make things more complicated. Even though by the time he is out of prison I would be almost 18, which gives me the permission to live my own life. I just need to live my life for now and keep my hopes up high. 

* * *
Harry's POV 

As soon as Melissa's car is out of sight I close the front door and walk to my room in silence. I try but I can't hold back the tears. I fall down to my bed covering my face with my hands. She was the love of my life and because of what I've done I may have lost her forever. Of course I want her still to be mine as soon as I get out of prison. She's the most beautiful girl I know and I only want best for her, and in this situation I'm definitely not that. I'm leaving to prison in the morning when the police come and pick me up. They send me to the prison near Glasgow even if I asked to have permission to stay in Manchester. I'm scared Melissa will find someone better to replace me during my time in prison. But it's all my fault, no one others. I'd better start packing the stuff I'm taking with me, which is basically just toothbrush and underwear. I get up from my bed and walk to the bathroom, not getting Melissa out of my mind even for a second.

* * *
Melissa's POV 

I've started in the new school in here and all the ways I love Bournemouth, nice beach, even if it's winter and nice people. But still there's something that brings me down every day and it is Harry. It's been a month now since I last saw him. I have no idea how he is doing in the prison. My parents have been trying to get me to go on dates with other boys so I would forget Harry's existence. But no one can ever replace Harry, no one. 
As I'm walking to school at 8am on this dark and snowy December morning I hear my phone ringing on my pocket. I reach out for it and check who is calling: "unknown number calling." I press the green button and slowly lift up the phone to my ear:


"Babe! You answered", cracking voice says. I recognise the voice immediately and fall on the ground with tears. I hear Harry being on tears too, even if he tries to act like he's not. 

"I've missed you so much", I finally got the words out of my mouth. 

"I've missed you too. I have some news for you..." Harry says and I can hear those aren't good ones. I let him continue:

"The man I had the fight with... Well he died two days back in the hospital after being in coma for a while." I start crying even harder because I know what he is going to say next. 

"I just came from court and they decided to give me 10 years in prison. The good news are that I don't have to stay there for 20 years like usually after killing someone, but the bad news are that they will put me in to solitary confinement for next 5 months", he explains now crying. 

"Does that mean that I can't hear from you in next 5 months?" I say crying, hoping that everything is just a bad dream.

 "Babe, I gotta go now... I'm sorry again! I love you so much, promise me you won't forget me!" He says in a rush.

 "I love you too and I could never ever forget you!" I say but the call ended before I was finished. I slowly continue walking towards school, even if I feel like skipping this day to cry alone at home. I really don't have friends here who I could tell everything, and the friends back home, now previous home, have forgotten my existence. 
At school our teacher gave us brochures about the period we could get free from school and get some work experience of our dream jobs. I first thought it was just some boring paper for those who actually want to be something, but I really didn't have a dream job. But when I took a closer look at it I realised I could get closer to Harry by going to work experience to the prison near Glasgow. It made me smile a little, but yet I didn't want to get too excited. I put the brochure to my bag and rest of the day I was thinking about it, before something really unexpected came in to my mind. Why wouldn’t I help him out of there? The work experience period would last 3 months and it would start a month before Harry gets away from the solitary confinement so I would have a month to get to know places before the action. YES, this was my plan, I don't care what my parents would say to it, I will go and get my man back!

* * * 
Harry's POV

Calling and telling the news to Melissa made me feel so bad. I missed hearing her voice and luckily she said she still loves me, I love her too, more than anyone else in my life. I’m walking to my new 'home' with the guard, I'm glad Melissa can't see me now; walking here in an orange prison overall, my hands and legs in shackles next to twice my height being guard. A tear starts to fall down my cheek as I'm walking. The guard opens my cell's door which is huge; no one could ever pass it without keys. He closes the door as I sit down to my new bed, which isn't nice at all. I look around thinking how I have to spend next five months in this room, before getting to see other people besides the guards. I later fall asleep, Melissa on my mind.

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