Love After Time

LeAnn and sadie was best friends no they were more the was really family
LeAnn had her self a bit of a anger problem and she was always getting sent off sticking up for Sadie and the summer before their 9th grade year LeAnn got sent off and Sadie went to on vacation and when LeAnn got back home she meat Harry styles a normal boy so she thought and they started dating and when sadie got back the day before school started and was taken back by her best friend boyfriend or by the boyfriends best friend Louis but what happens LeAnn gets in another fight and sadie and louis fall in love and the Leann and sadie finds out the harry and louis is in a band called one direction and they have to go back to England to recorded and they ask LeAnn and Sadie to and LeAnn might not be able to go cause of her record read to find out what is go to happen


5. My Aunt The Bitch

Harry's POV

While me and LeAnn was walking to the nurse's office my mind keep going back to the text between me and Louie in 7th period. how am i going to tell LeAnn that big secret is she going to be really mad that i keep his from her. and then i heard LeAnn whimper and it brought me out of my thoughts and my head shoot to look at her 

Me: Babe what's wrong 

LeAnn: Harry your hurting my hand your grip it's to tight 

Me: love i'm sorry 

LeAnn: what's on your mind 

Me: its nothing 

LeAnn: was it about what lou and you was texting about and you suck at trying to hide your phone 

Me: you seen them 

LeAnn: yea but only a couple not all of them but why do you have to go back to London and you still have to tell me why you left 

Me: i will when we get to mine but first you have to talk to your aunt  

LeAnn's POV 

i walk in the nurse's office Noah is still laying on the bed type thing in their and i walk over there and look a him and a smile appears on my face their is not one part of me regrets this he deserved everything i did and what ever happens happens right, then i felt a hand on my shoulder and i turned around really fast and seen Missy their 

Me: what did you need 

Missy: LeAnn we need to talk about this your anger problems every time someone says something wrong to Sadie you cant go put them in a hospital i get it you want to look after her and yes i know shes your family but your ruining your life because of it 

LeAnn: listen i get it but shes my cousin no more like my baby sister i have to protect her and that dick right their in that bed hurt her one to many and i thought the first time i did this to him he would get in in his head but seams like i had to do it again but 10 times worst 

Missy; but LeAnn you need to think about your future 

Me: no buts Missy "i yelled"

then Missy showed fear in her eyes she knows how i get when i get mad and she is pissing me off right now 

Missy: calm down Lea 

Me: Dont tell me to calm down "i yell back"

then Harry walked in and me and Missy both shot our heads in his direction and he look and her face full of fear and then my face full of anger and walked over to me and grab my face in his hands and look me in the eyes and spoke to calm me down 

Harry: lea calm down, don't do something your going to regret that women over there that is your aunt the only person in your family that wants anything to do with you and she scared to death right now babe calm down you want to do this 

Me: im sorry 

then i fall in to Harrys arm and try to calm down no one has been able to help me calm down like he has 

Me: Harry can we just go 

Harry: yea babe come one lets go 

Missy: harry thank you no one had ever been able to calm her down before you must mean alot to her i can tell she cares about you please keep an eye one her dont let her do anything stupid anymore 

Harry: i will try my best 

me and harry walk out in the hall and to his car and drive to his house in silents for once i dont know what to say. 

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