Love After Time

LeAnn and sadie was best friends no they were more the was really family
LeAnn had her self a bit of a anger problem and she was always getting sent off sticking up for Sadie and the summer before their 9th grade year LeAnn got sent off and Sadie went to on vacation and when LeAnn got back home she meat Harry styles a normal boy so she thought and they started dating and when sadie got back the day before school started and was taken back by her best friend boyfriend or by the boyfriends best friend Louis but what happens LeAnn gets in another fight and sadie and louis fall in love and the Leann and sadie finds out the harry and louis is in a band called one direction and they have to go back to England to recorded and they ask LeAnn and Sadie to and LeAnn might not be able to go cause of her record read to find out what is go to happen


2. Homeroom

Leann's POV

Well im in my favorite class with my best friend and my boyfriend. My highschool experience is already amazing.Then i see the person that walks through the door... Noah.

 Me: Shit (whisper)

 Harry: whats wrong love

 Sadie: Lea i cant belive noah is in this damn class

 Me: I know this is our favorite subject and was gonna be our favorite class but that asswhole has to be in here

 Louis: Wait you too are math nerds

 Sadie: Yepp we are geeks we have been tied for the top student in every single one of our classes

 Harry: Its a good thing me and Lou have every class with you guys

 Me: You guys are in band

 Harry: wait, oh hell no maybe not every class im not no fuckin band geek

 Sadie: We're not either now i mean we can play how many instruments Lea.?

 Me: About 10

 Louis: wait we have all the same classes?

 Me: well me and Sadie have every class together and me and Harry have every class together

 Harry: and lou we have every class together

 Louis: Well cant wait till we have gym

 Sadie: well me and leann dont have to take gym so in your face

 Louis and Harry: WHAT? (dissapointed faces)

 Harry: Why dont you guys have to take gym?

 Me: Well where we play softball that counts as our gym grade

 Louis: so what are you guys gonna do in gym?

 Sadie: we are gym aids so we could change and participate if we wanted to but we dont have to

 Harry: you guys should participate in gym

 Louis: i was thinkin the same thing

 Sadie: you guys are pigs you just wanna see us in shorts where our asses are hang out

 Harry: thats not true u guys should just be in shape

 Me: mmmmmhmmmm i know you too well and we are already in shape

 then the teacher walks in.

 Mrs.Roy: welcome freshman this is algebra 2 a couple of u have been selected to take the 10th grade math class so congrats. Im not one of those teachers that pick your seats so the seats you are in now are your assigned seats for the whole year.Mrs.Workman and Mrs.Mangus why are you guys in the back? According to your teachers last year you guys were top of your year i thought you guys would perfer the front.

Sadie: we thought we would get in the back since we already know what we are doing and let the people that need your help in the front.\

 Mrs.Roy: Good point i guess

 Louis: whispers in Sadies ear, Well some ones a little fiesty today

 Me: giggles and lou u cant whisper at all

 Mrs.Roy: well we're porbably not gonna do anything for the first week so just talk but dont get too loud and stay in your seats and dont through anything. 

so we all just sit and talk about ramdom stuff for about 20 min and the all hell breaks loose

A/N i hope u like this i really love writing it and check out my other fanfic our life is finaling changing and tell me what u think 


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