Love After Time

LeAnn and sadie was best friends no they were more the was really family
LeAnn had her self a bit of a anger problem and she was always getting sent off sticking up for Sadie and the summer before their 9th grade year LeAnn got sent off and Sadie went to on vacation and when LeAnn got back home she meat Harry styles a normal boy so she thought and they started dating and when sadie got back the day before school started and was taken back by her best friend boyfriend or by the boyfriends best friend Louis but what happens LeAnn gets in another fight and sadie and louis fall in love and the Leann and sadie finds out the harry and louis is in a band called one direction and they have to go back to England to recorded and they ask LeAnn and Sadie to and LeAnn might not be able to go cause of her record read to find out what is go to happen


3. Back The Fuck Off

 Louis P.O.V.

Well i never thought that when Harry fount LeAnn because of her i would find my soul mate this morning when Noah came and started yelling at her i just wanted to protect her and beat the shit out of him no one should be treated like that and i am drug out of my thoughts when i see LeAnn up out of her seat and yelling at Noah cause he had Sadie pulling her up by the hair of her head and the just pisses me off to a new high

Me: Back the fuck off " jumping up and hitting the desk with my fist"

Sadie: whining in pain

Noah: shut the fuck up fag u have mo business in this

Me: umm last time i checked that is my girlfriend and u need to get the fuck off her

then i get up in his face and he slowly releases her hair and tries to walk away but is stopped when LeAnn punched him in the face and busted his nose first thing and he falls to the floor

LeAnn's pov

ugh i just cant take this guys shit anymore i wish me would just leave Sadie alone but he wont right now Louis is in hi s face and is yelling at him and the Noah just slowly lets go of Sadie's hair and goes to walk away and im just mad i black out when he walks by me i just punch him in the face and he falls to the floor his nose is bleeding i think i broke it not that im sad about is im pretty fucking happy the ass hole needs to get the shit beat of him and then Noah wipes the blood off his face with the back of his hand and slowly gets up and walks over to me

Noah: waya do that again bitch

Me: hmm well lets see 

and then i just punched him again and but this time i hit him in the gut and he hunched over in pain and then i bent down ti his level where he could hear me 

Me: listen here ass hole if u ever come near Sadie again i will put you in the hospital again 

then i rose up and walked over to Sadie who was now siting on the desk crying in Louis chest and he was rubbing the back of her head its was so sweet but it still broke my heart to see her like this in so much pain and then Noah finally got off the floor and looked at me with a death glare and he walked over to me and pulled me away from Sadie and grabbed my arms and held then with a tight grip and i did whimper a little cause he had a really tight grip on my arms

Noah: you don't seem to say the same thing as before now 

Harry: dick u just need to go somewhere 

Harry said while walking over to Noah 

then i just take my knee and slam it in to his gut and he let go of my upper arms and then punch him in the face again and he just falls down again and by this time the whole class is up and around us thank god that Mrs.Roy had a phone call and i was just pissed i got on top of him and just keep punching him in the face over and over and almost everyone had their phones out and Noah keep trying to hit me back and try to get me off him but it not working and bu know i have broke his nose and busted his head open damn why dose this shit always happen but at the moment i dont care and i was blacked out and Harry tried to get me off him many times but it did not work and Noah was still trying to get the best of me but he didnt and then the one thing that brought me out of trance was when i turned my head and seen my best friend still crying into Louis chest and then i seen everyone was around and then Harry was just sitting their watching me kick this dicks ass and i got up and then bent down and whisperer

Me: what did i tell you i would put you in the hospital again and it looks like i have u should really listen to me next time

and then i walked over to my Sadie and put my hand on her back and when she looked up at me she wiped her tears and then hugged me damn she has a tight grip

Me: Bear i cant breath here

Sadie: sorry Leda and she giggled a little 

and then Harry walked up behind me and jumped on the desk beside Sadie and put his hand on my shoulder

Sadie: but Lea u got in a fight u know what will happen

Me: nothing will happen that hasn't happened before so don't worry okay

Sadie: no im going to worry about it i dont want u sent off again lea u know what the judge said 

Harry: wait sent off 

Louis: and judge

Sadie: you haven't told them 

Me: no i really dont like telling people that bear

Sadie: well i think now would be the time to 

she said and tears came back to her eyes and put her face back in Louis chest and started crying again and i walked up the the front of the room and got a napkin and wired the blooded off my hand and hit the emergency button on the wall and then walked back to the back o the room and sighed 

Harry: babe what was she talking about with the judge and what has happened before 

Me: okay well its a long story see i have always had a angry problem and when Noah and Sadie started dating our 7th grade year the cheated on her and he hit her and i will blacked out and i almost killed him and he was in the hospital for 2 mouths and when he got out him and bear got backed together and he was the sweetest thing ever but his family pressed charges on me and i got put and their was a trial and everything and somehow Sadie talked him into drop them and i got put on probashion but i was always one to find trouble i was always fighting and last year and over the summer i was in jail and i got out right when we got together Harry and i was only in their for like 2 mouths but i got put back on probashion and the judge said one more screw up and that's it and i wont go away with a slap on the wrist im in really big shit 

Harry: holy shit u cant get sent off i just got you i will take the blame for it 

Me: babe you cant take the blame for this do you know how much trouble you will get in 

Harry: not as much as you will

Me; i dont care your nit taking the blame for this and anyway it was self defiance and  i will be okay i know how to keep this calm i know my way around it 

then Sadie finally quite crying and looked up at me

Sadie: you swear you will be okay 

Me; yea

then the school nurse walks in the class room and walks to Noah in the back of the room in the floor passed out and his faced all screwed up and then she walked over to where the four of us our 

Sadie: hey Missy

Missy: hey let me guess he did some thing to Sadie and LeAnn blacked out and well did that 

And all four of us just nodded 

Missy: huh i have to quite this okay i will take him to my office and said i fount him outside like this if you swear that this wont ever happen again 

Me: i swear it wont happen again

Missy just nodded and gave me a hug and said behave yourself for once

Me: okay i will love you  aunt Missy 

Missy: love you to brat 

and walked over to Noah and  yelled at these to football players and had then pack him to her office and they walked out of the class room and i turned to Harry and Sadie 

Me: see i told you i would  be fine 

Sadie: i love your aunt 

Harry: the school Nurse is your aunt 

Me: yea she is always telling me im the reason that she gets paid so much cause im always sending kids to her 

Harry: well you just need to be good cause i cant loose you when i just got you

 and then he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him i i went between his legs and he kissed my four head and then Mrs. Roy walked in 

Mrs. Roy: why is everyone out their seat and why is their blood on the floor

and then everyone in the class looked over at me

Mrs. Roy: Mangus why is their blood on the floor

Me; i started my period sorry

then the bell rung and everyone ran out of the room all but me harry louis and saide we just walked slowly out the door and in to the hall



so how do you like it plz tell me and how do you like the part about LeAnn's past and i wounder if Louis and Sadie will really get together cause right now Louis is just doing it cause he thought that Noah would leave her alone but he didn't but we all know Sadie like Louis and i have a feeling that Louis likes Sadie lol so what do u think is going to happen next if you have any ideas im open to them i have no clue how to write the next chapter but all i know is that it is going to be in Harry POV   


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