Love After Time

LeAnn and sadie was best friends no they were more the was really family
LeAnn had her self a bit of a anger problem and she was always getting sent off sticking up for Sadie and the summer before their 9th grade year LeAnn got sent off and Sadie went to on vacation and when LeAnn got back home she meat Harry styles a normal boy so she thought and they started dating and when sadie got back the day before school started and was taken back by her best friend boyfriend or by the boyfriends best friend Louis but what happens LeAnn gets in another fight and sadie and louis fall in love and the Leann and sadie finds out the harry and louis is in a band called one direction and they have to go back to England to recorded and they ask LeAnn and Sadie to and LeAnn might not be able to go cause of her record read to find out what is go to happen


4. 7th Period and the Nurse Office After School

LeAnn's POV 

Well Were in 7th period last period of the day were in English Class Boo the teacher seams nice he is also the boy basket ball coach Mr. Hatcher Me, Harry, Louis, and Sadie are all sitting together and we didn't plain it these are are assigned seats haha bad mistakes 

Sadie: Lea what if the kids that video taped that put it on the internet 

Me: then i get sent off wont be the first time most likely wont be that last 

Harry: Babe that's not funny 

Me: do you see me laughing im be dead serious 

And then Harry and Sadie just look at me and shake their heads at me and i just dont even care they need to learn that its who i am to fight for the ones i love if that can't do it and that's what i did

Louis: Lea



but i didnt hear him cause i was in deep though doing the word search that Mr. Hatcher gave us to do then harry nudged me with his elbow and knocked out of my thought 

Harry: Louie is talking to you

Me: Ohh sorry i was in deep thought what is it Lou

Louis: i was just wondering seance you are so calm about being sent off how times have you been 

Me: i don't want to about it 

Louis: okay sorry i asked 

Me: its okay 

Sadie: Lea come on tell them how many times and tell them why if you don't i will 

Me: you better not if you do i will put you in the hospital too 

Sadie: umhm sure you say that all the time tell them now or i am 

Me: okay fine ive been sent off over 20 times and 17 of those time its was kicking someones ass over Sadie 

Harry and Louis just look at me speechless eyes wide and mouths wide open to 

Me: thanks bear this is  is why i didn't want to tell them way to kill another one of my relationships by make me tell them to soon thanks 

i got up and went to the teacher and gave him my word search and walked back to my seat and got my phone out and put in my headphones to bloke the three of them out and blasted Ed Sheeran wake me up and put my head down on my desk  

Sadie's POV  

well great Lea is pissed at me i need to learn how to keep my mouth shut 

Harry: what was that about 

Me: she is just upset alot of boys broke up with her cause of her pasted and everyone here heard about her and no guys would date her and i guess where you guys moved her from England last she started liking you Harry and you didn't know about her past and then you guys started dating she got really happy and then i just messed it up again 

Harry: you didn't mess anything up i'm not going to break up with her over this to tell you the truth i think its really hot 

Me: wow Harry i didn't want to hear that 

Harry: sorry 

Louis: she said 17 out of 20 was fighting over you what was the 3 times over 

Me: if i tell you guys you cant tell her that i told you and you cant act any different 

Harry and Louis: okay 

Me: well after the 7th or 8th time she left when she came back she started hanging out with the wrong people and she

and harry interrupted me 

Harry: and she started doing drugs she told me she did them a while ago and you helped her quite

Me: yea i did after the 2nd time she was sent off cause of them but then the third time was cause they said she pushed her mother down the stairs at the mall but she didn't i was with her when her mom fell and her mom blamed her for it

Louis: why would her mum do that

Me: her mom has always hated her and after she came back from being sent of over that she moved out of her parents house and moved in a apartment by herself and than later that year my parent let me move in with her cause they love Lea as their own daughter and they think it was a good thing for her that she isn't alone all the time 

Harry: she has had a hard life growing up hasn't she 

Me: yea you wouldn't believe how hard its was for her all was growing up in her sisters shadow and all was coming last to her parents eyes 

Louis: waya mean all ways coming last

Me: see Lea always hated sports and she never used to play them and she was really in to music she could lay any instrument that you handed her and she can sing like a angle and her parents never went one of her shows no one did to cheer her one i would always try to but my family was always doing something and then after a couple of time getting in a fight her counseler said she had should play sports for her anger problems so she had to quite music and started playing basket ball and softball and she hates that cause she is not the sporty type and never was i miss the way she use to have a smile on her face when she would have a insterment in her hand or when she would sing

Harry: well i guess we will just have to get her back in her music that might help her alot i dont like seeing her like this in breaks my heart to see her in pain

Me: you really like her dont you

Harry: no i love her

and i just look at him im a little tooking back by this

Me: i dont think i have heard anyone say they love Lea but me and my family and thenher aunt

Harry: well i do i love her with all my heart i cant help it she is my everything

Louis: harry you know that your cheeks are blood red and you have the biggest smileon your face its kinda cute

Harry: shut it lou

Me: Harry i know you love her but ig you hurt her i will cut your dick off and shove it up your ass, she has been hurt to much in her life and i dont want to see her like that again

Harry: thats never going to happrn im not going to hurt her

and then i finish my wordsearch and then take it up to Mr. Hatcher and i feel a pair of eyes on me the whole time and when i was back to my seat i look over at LeAnn and i notice that Louie is looking at me and when i look at him his cheeks got a bright pink dame hes just to hot

Me: give me that you suck at these you havent even fount one word

Louis: hey its not my fault ive been destracted

Me: by what

Louis: you

Me: umhm sure

and then i get hs word search and finsh it in like not even 5 minutes and that was about the same time harry got done and they both got up and turned them in and came back to their seats and Louis turned to me and brushed a stray hair behind my ear

Harry's POV

i got done with my word search at the same time Lou did and we went and turned them in to the teacher and then walk back to our seats and lou is just full on flirt with Sadie damn he fell for her and fast to but right now the only thing i need to do is get lea to talk i know she don't want to go throw this alone and she isn't going to. i put my hand on her back and she flinched like she was scared of me and the i started to trace my hand up and down her back and she soon calmed down i thank she new it was me cause she shifted closer to me in her seat and grabbed my other hand and pulled it closer to her and layed her head on my arm is was weird but i loved it just her touching my hand put a smile on my face but i need her to look at me but he cant here me she is like blasting ed Sheeran song wake me up she has it on repeat she really loves that song. i kiss the top of her head and then down to her temple then to her cheek and i hear her giggle damn she so just so cute and i take on of the ear bud out of her ear and i whisper in her ear

Me: babe please don't be sad i hate it when your sad it breaks me down inside you know i'm here for you i always will be i will never leave your side

and she just shakes her head and mumbles something

LeAnn: no you can do better then me all i am is trouble your better off with out me

when she said that is broke me down it hurt me to have her thank that she wasn't good enough for me really it the other way around she can do then me

Me: don't ever say that again you are perfect your the only on for me i don't want anyone else no one but you

LeAnn: well then your stupid then

Me: well yea but i know the the one thing i ever never wrong of is that i love you with all my heart and nothing or no one will ever change that not your past not anything you have done the only thing i care about is the present and our future

and then she finally looks up at me and i smile she is just so beautiful and i wipe her tears and kiss the tip of her nose and she giggles and has a little smile and that little smile is just not good enough for me it was now my goal to change her mood in the rest of the class period 

LeAnn: Harry why do you even bother 

Me: cause i love you and u mean the world to me it pains me to see you this way 

LeAnn: well what if i get sent off again you will just be here without me 

Me: well i guess i will just wait till you get out and i will visit you all the time 

LeAnn: boy you don't know what your getting in to 

Me: ill take my chances babe 

she giggles it so cute and it makes me smile its just the cutest thing ever i can tell her mood is changing a little 

LeAnn's POV

i cant help but giggle at Harry's stupidness and he just smiles it so cute and he get that cute little dimple and i cant help it. I poke is dimple

Me: waya smile that big for

Harry: you mood is changing 

Me: yea its all your fault cant a person be sad

Harry: hell no not around me you can never be sad

Me: are we still going to hang out after school today

Harry: yea i was thinking we could go back to mine and cuddle up and watch so movies or something

Me: sound like a plain love  

and i say that in a British accent making fun of Harry 

Harry: are you making fun of me

Me: well yes i am, and Harry you never told me why you moved to here 

Harry: long story another time alright

Me: okay ill hold you to that

then harry get a text from Louie and he unlocks his phone and he tries to hide i from m but i seem it anyways and it said

Louie's text: mate you haven't told her yet you are going to have to tell her soon Liam called and said their done with the stuff and we will have to go back soon 

then Harry replied 

Harry's text: that is if i want to i don't want to leave LeAnn i love her and need her with me and i can tell you feel the same around Sadie 

Louis's text: true true i guess will will have to see what happens but you have to tell her TODAY 

Harry's text: okay i will calm your self she's coming over today and we are going o watch some films and i will tell her then 

and then Harry look at me and he smiled but i new it was a fake smile 

Me: is everything okay 

Harry: yea everything is fine 

then a anoucment can and it said LEANN MANGUS TO THE NURSE OFFICE and then the bell rung to go home

Me: well gotta she what my dearest aunt wants 

Harry: well lets go see want she needs and then go home 


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