Love After Time

LeAnn and sadie was best friends no they were more the was really family
LeAnn had her self a bit of a anger problem and she was always getting sent off sticking up for Sadie and the summer before their 9th grade year LeAnn got sent off and Sadie went to on vacation and when LeAnn got back home she meat Harry styles a normal boy so she thought and they started dating and when sadie got back the day before school started and was taken back by her best friend boyfriend or by the boyfriends best friend Louis but what happens LeAnn gets in another fight and sadie and louis fall in love and the Leann and sadie finds out the harry and louis is in a band called one direction and they have to go back to England to recorded and they ask LeAnn and Sadie to and LeAnn might not be able to go cause of her record read to find out what is go to happen


1. Love At First Sight

Sadie's POV

Today is this first day of high school,I have been waiting for this day all my life.Cant wait to see all my friends after a long summer. i dont think the bus could take any longer. The bus finnally showed up and i get on it and sit with my best friend Leann.

 Leann: How was your trip around england for your summer vacation

 Me: it was pretty good

 Leann: it wouldve been better if i would have gotten to go

 Me: yea right (elbows Leann)

   We just sat there and talked about random stuff till we got to school. Finally we walkedin the school and it was a bunch of kids there. More than we expected.

 Leann: oh i forgot to tell you something

 Me: what is that

 Leann: me and Harry started datin over the summer

 Me: we texted all fuckin summer and that is something u didnt tell me

 Leann: well i just thought i wouldve told u in person and i kind of forgot to tell u on the bus and then i just seen harry walkin with louis over here and it reminded me.

 Me: WHAT.!

 Harry: hey babe (kisses leann)

 Leann: Harry this is Sadie my bestie and Sadie that is louis Harry's bestie

 Me: aye brahhhh

 Leann: yea she say's brahh alot it will rub off on you trust me

 Louis: so Leann thats why you said brahh all summer

 Leann:yea haha who do u guys got for home room

 Harry: Rebbeca Roy (math)

 Me and Leann: so do we

Louis: yea me too

 Harry: babe we can sit together

 Leann: what about Sadie we sit together in all our classes who will sit with her

 Harry: Lou will sit with her

 Louis: gives Harry a death glare and starts blushing bright red

 Leann: looks at me and smacks me on the shoulder and said are you even payin attention and who are you texting

Me: no not really sorry and noah wont quit textin me he is gettin on my nerves

Louis: Who is noah? (sounding jealous)

Leann: some ass whole that cheated on her with one of our so called friends

Louis:  well he is a dumb ass anybody would be lucky to be your boyfriend. you wanna piss him off?

Me: how?

Louis: give me his number and ill call him and tell him to stop texting my fucking girlfriend just so he will leave u alone

Me: Okay (sayin it exciting) his number is 304-461-4574 there you go!

Louis: turns his phone on speaker

Noah: who is this

Louis: this is Louis and i want you to quit texting my fucking girlfriend its pising me off (HANGS

UP )

Leann: awww someone likes sadie

Louis and me: start blushing hard core

 Leann: shit noah is coming over here

 Louis: aye come here sadie

 Me: okay walkin over to louis

 Louis: grabs me by the waist and kisses me

Noah: walks up and grabs me by my hair and pulls me off.

 Me: get the fuck off of me noah

 Louis: walks over to noah and gets in noahs face and screams dont touch my fuckin girlfriend again and takes me by the hand and walks back over to where we was standing rubs the back of my head and was like areyou okay babe?

 Me: i am now

 Leann: awww Louis your soo sweet. and then she turns around and smacks Harry's arm playfully and says why cant u be more like lou

Harry: Way to go lou now u got my girl fallin for you.

Louis: sorry mate cant help it

 the bell rings to go to home room and we take our seats louis me leann and harry in this order sits at the back table.

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