Boyfriend or Bestfriend?

Adyna and Harry are bestfriend from year 1. Adyna told Harry to go at Xfactor. Adyna live with the boys and with her bestfriend Lola in a big house . Actually Lola, Harry and Adyna are bestfriend.
Harry stats to be very close to Adyna. They will make a couple or not? Read the story for more information.
Hope you like it! :)


5. Sexy girl and a sick guy...........


 Adyna P.O.V.


"What!! Caroline!!! SHIT!" I said.


Caroline entered in my room.


" What the hell are you doing with Harry?!" She said shouting.


" Is not your problem what I am doing with Harry!" I said to her.


" Yes, it is!" She said.


" You dump him, and you said that he is not attractive!" I said.


" Get out now!" I shout at her.




After 15 minutes....


Harry came to my  job place. He was very angry that Caroline came there.


" Caroline, leave her alone!!" He said and push her.


" And leave me alone for forever I hate you, you're the horrible person I have seen!"  Harry said.


Caroline left. She was nervous that Harry shouts her mouth.


"Are you okay, babe?" Harry asked me.


"Yes, how do you know that Caroline is here?" I asked him.


" The receptionist called me." He said hugging me.


"Okay, let's sit down. I said.


" So, when do you finish?" Harry asked me.


" In an hour, if you want to wait for me you can I haven't got no meeting i just need to complete something." I said.


" I will wait for you." Harry said.




I was very busy.


" Paul, call me today." He said a bit sad.


" And, what he said?" I asked looking in my papers.


" That the tour will next month and we will finish in January, and I was thinking  that if you want to come with me."


" NOPE!" I said.


" WHAT!?" he said.


"Sure, I will come!" And I start to laugh.


" I finish lets go !"  He grabbed my hand and we exit the build.


" So, what are we going to do?" Harry said.


" I don't know." I said.


" I know where to go!"


" Where are we going?" I asked him.


" At Brighton Pier!" Harry said.


"But first, we need to go home to change my clothes." I  said.


We went home and  I went to my bedroom to change my clothes. After I went downstairs.


"Are you ready?" Harry asked me.


"Yes!" I said.


"Let's go then!" Harry said.


" Bye, guys!" Me and Harry said.


"Bye!"  Everyone said.


We arrive at the Brighton Pier and  Harry wanted to entry swim in the sea. It was midnight and it was a bit cold. He takes his hoodie off and he went in the sea. I was freezing. After 3 minutes he gets off the sea .


"Are you cold?" Harry ask me.

"A bit. " I said.

He put his hoodie on me.

"Take this, let me help you." he said.

"Thanks!" Hugging him, I really didn't care that he was wed I just wanted to give him a hug.

  "Your freezing lets go home!" I said to him.

"Okay, babe." he said.

We went to the car and Harry drove off to our house.

" Hello, guys!"Louis said sitting on the couch and watching tv.

"Hey!" me and harry said.

"Where's everyone?"Harry asked.

"They are sleeping, but why you Harry are wed?" Louis said.

" I swim." he said smiling.

I sat down on the sofa.

" I go to change my clothes." Harry said kissing my cheek and he went to the bedroom.

When Harry entered  in his bedroom Louis start to speak with me. I am closer to Louis than Liam, Nail and Zayn . Everytime we speak about things that I can't tell to everyone.

"So, how was your date?" Louis sad very excited.

"It was perfect!" I said.

" Adyna, Harry is your perfect boyfriend, you're lucky that you got him and every girl wants him and you got him,  he wants to see you happy every time!" Louis said.

"I know, Who do you think come to my work place?" I said to Louis.

" Caroline?"Louis said confused.

"Yes the queen of the bitches! She starts shouting at me that Harry kisses me and things like that." I said  .

" I hate that woman I am ever joking  she is a slut" Louis said.

"So are you coming with me and the boys tomorrow night at

007 premiere?" Louis asked me.

" Harry didn't tell me nothing about this." I said confused.

" Ups... It  was a surprise..... Harry will kill me!" Louis said.

"I will not say nothing to Harry " I said to him.

"I go to sleep now! Night! "  I said to him.

I was tired and I just wanted to sleep. I went to my bedroom, where Harry was. Something was wrong with Harry.

"Hazza, are you okay?" I asked him rubbing his hand.

"No, I got a headache and I think I am sick." He said.

"Put this blanked on you, will  come with tea and some pills okay?" I said to him.

"Okay." he said.

I went downstairs to make a tea. I don't like when Harry is sick, it makes me feel  sad. Louis was sleeping on the sofa so I tried not to make any noise. I make the tea and I went to the bedroom with the tea and with the pills. Harry slept with his arms on my waist as usual.

Harry P.O.V.

I feel sick. But Adyna makes me sick of love. She really cares about me. I went downstairs to see Adyna . She was in the living room with our stylist and Baby Lux. She was playing with Lux. They look so adorable.

"Hey!" Our stylist said.

"Hey!" I said.

"Morning Hazza!" Adyna said.

"Arry!" Lux said.

Lux comes to me and I hugged her. After i. put her on the sofa and I hugged and kiss Adyna.

"Why you wasn't in the bed with me?" I whisper into her.

"Sorry... but i cannot sleep last night." Adyna said.

" No problem, babe. " I said to her hugging her.

" I forgot to tell you that you will come with me and the boys at the premiere." I said to Adyna.

" Louis told me."  She said.

" I will go to choose what I will wear."Adyna said.

I kissed her.

"Wait." I said to her and I kissed her again and again.

Every day I love Adyna more. I can't stop kissing her. She makes me to kiss her in every moment.


Adyna P.O.V.

Harry is a romantic a usual. He everytime kiss me, I love him so much. I went to my bedroom to choose what to wear at the premiere. I love all my dresses so I cannot choose what dress to wear.

" Lola !!! Come here, please!" I shout.

"Yes Cher." (Cher is my nickname) Lola said.

" What dress do I wear at a premiere?" I say to her.

"This one! Is perfect" Lola said.

"Okay" I said.

We start dressing up, putting some make up and after the stylist come to make our hair.

The boys were ready. We went downstairs. The boys were looking at us too much. Actually we were sexy.


Harry  P.O.V.

Adyna was so sexy. It makes me to kiss her so much. I just wanted to fuck her. She was so spicy.

"Tonight we need to do it!" I whisper in her ear and I winked at her.




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